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Index of sections for LEB ROM

Intro:0 ROM (Headers)

1:1 Greeting

1:8 Paul Wants to Visit Rome

1:16 The Gospel’s Power for Salvation

1:18 God’s Wrath Revealed Against Sinful Humanity

1:26 God Hands Sinful Humanity over to Depravity

2:1 The Righteous and Impartial Judgment of God

2:17 Jews also Condemned by the Law

3:1 Jews Still Have an Advantage

3:9 The Entire World Guilty of Sin

3:21 Righteousness through Faith Revealed

4:1 Abraham’s Faith Counted as Righteousness

4:13 The Promise to Abraham Secured through Faith

5:1 Reconciliation with God through Faith in Christ

5:12 Death Came through Adam but Life Comes through Christ

6:1 Formerly Dead to Sin, Now Alive in Christ

6:15 Set Free from Sin

7:1 Released from the Law through Death

7:7 Knowledge of Sin Comes through the Law

7:13 Internal Conflict with Sin

8:1 Set Free from the Law of Sin and Death

8:18 The Glory that is to be Revealed

8:31 Victory in Christ

9:1 Israel’s Rejection

9:14 God’s Sovereign Choice to Show Mercy

10:1 The Righteousness of God through Faith in Christ

11:1 A Remnant of Israel Remains

11:13 Gentile Branches Grafted in

11:25 All Israel to be Saved

12:1 A Life Dedicated to God

12:3 A Variety of Gifts in the Body of Christ

12:9 Living in Love

13:1 Obedience to the Governing Authorities

13:8 Love Fulfills the Law

14:1 Do Not Pass Judgment on One Another

15:1 Accept One Another according to Christ’s Example

15:14 Paul’s Ministry to the Gentiles

15:22 Paul’s Travel Plans

16:1 Many Personal Greetings

16:17 Concluding Exhortations

16:21 Greetings from Paul’s Associates

16:24 Benediction