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Index of sections for T4T EZRA

Intro:0 EZR (Headers)

1:1 Cyrus let the Jews return to Jerusalem

2:1 The list of groups that returned to Judah

3:1 They rebuilt the altar in Jerusalem

3:7 They rebuilt the temple

4:1 Their enemies opposed rebuilding the temple

4:6 Opposition to rebuilding Jerusalem

5:1 Tattenai’s letter to King Darius

6:1 What King Darius commanded

6:13 They completed and dedicated the temple

6:19 They celebrated the Passover Festival

7:1 Ezra went to Jerusalem

7:11 The letter that Artaxerxes gave to Ezra

7:27 Ezra praised Yahweh

8:1 The clans that returned with Ezra to Jerusalem

8:15 Ezra and the others prepared to return to Jerusalem

8:24 The gifts for the temple

8:31 They returned to Jerusalem

9:1 Ezra prayed about the Israeli people marrying foreign wives

10:1 The men agreed to divorce their foreign wives

10:18 The men who had married foreign wives