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Index of sections for LEB EZRA

Intro:0 EZR (Headers)

1:1 The Decree of Cyrus

2:1 The List of Returned Exiles

2:68 Gifts Given for Temple Work

3:1 Worship in Jerusalem Restored

3:8 Foundation of the Temple is Laid

4:1 Resistance to Rebuilding the House of God

4:6 Resistance to Rebuilding Jerusalem

5:1 Temple Restoration Resumed

6:1 Darius’ Search for the Decree

6:6 The Decree of Darius

6:13 Temple is Dedicated and Completed

6:19 The Celebration of Passover

7:1 Ezra’s Arrival and Work

7:11 Artaxerxes’ Letter to Ezra

8:1 Family Heads Who Returned With Ezra

8:15 Servants for the Temple are Gathered

8:21 Ezra Proclaims a Fast

8:24 The Priests’ Gift for the Temple

8:31 Return to Jerusalem

9:1 Disdain Over Mixed Marriages

9:5 Ezra Prays

10:1 The People Respond

10:6 Foreign Wives and Children are Sent Away