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Index of sections for T4T ISA

Intro:0 ISA (Headers)

1:1 This book is the account of Isaiah foretelling about God punishing Israel and then sending his chosen one and saving them Isaiah 1 (Start of chapter)

1:2 A message about the rebellious nation of Judah

1:21 Yahweh condemned Jerusalem

2:1 A message about future peace in Judah

2:6 A warning about the coming judgment

3:1 A warning that God will punish Judah

3:16 A warning to the women of Jerusalem

4:2 A promise that some day Jerusalem will be restored

5:1 A song about the people who were like Yahweh’s vineyard

5:8 Yahweh promises to punish Judah

6:1 God appointed Isaiah to be a prophet

7:1 A message of encouragement for King Ahaz

7:10 A promise of a son named Immanuel

8:1 A warning about the Assyrian attack

8:11 Isaiah is urged to revere Yahweh

9:1 The promise of the future king

9:8 God will punish Israel

10:1 A warning to unjust judges

10:5 A warning to Assyria

10:20 A promise of future blessings for Israel

10:28 The Assyrians will invade Judah

11:1 David’s descendant will bring peace

12:1 Songs that people will sing to praise Yahweh

13:1 Yahweh will punish Babylon

14:1 God’s people will return to Judah

14:3 The king of Babylon will be killed

14:24 Yahweh will punish Assyria

14:28 Yahweh will punish Philistia

15:1 Yahweh will destroy Moab

17:1 Yahweh will punish Syria

17:4 The destruction of Israel

18:1 The destruction of Ethiopia

19:1 A prophecy about the destruction of Egypt

20:1 A message about Egypt and Ethiopia

21:1 A message about the destruction of Babylon

21:11 A message about Edom

21:13 A message about Arabia

22:1 A message about Jerusalem

22:15 A message for Shebna

23:1 A message about Tyre’s punishment

24:1 The destruction of everything on the earth

25:1 Isaiah praises God for having good judgment and providing salvation

26:1 A song to praise Yahweh

26:19 God’s punishment for Israel

27:1 God’s future blessings on Israel

28:1 Warnings to Israel

28:14 Warnings to Judah

29:1 Warnings for Jerusalem

30:1 Judah’s worthless treaty with Egypt

30:8 A warning for Judah

30:19 Yahweh will help his people

31:1 A warning about relying on Egypt

32:1 What will happen when the great king comes

32:9 A message for the women of Jerusalem

33:1 Warnings to Assyria and promises to God’s people

34:1 God will punish all his enemies

35:1 The promise of restoration

36:1 The army of Assyria invaded Judah

37:1 Hezekiah asked Isaiah for advice

37:14 Hezekiah’s prayer

37:21 Isaiah predicted that the Assyrians would not conquer Jerusalem

38:1 Hezekiah’s sickness and his recovery

39:1 The messengers from Babylon

40:1 Encouragement for God’s people

41:1 Yahweh will help Israel

41:5 Idols are useless

41:8 Yahweh chose Israel

41:21 Yahweh mocks the idols

41:25 A prediction about Cyrus

42:1 Yahweh’s special servant

42:10 A song of praise to Yahweh

42:18 The people of Israel refused to heed Yahweh

43:1 Israel’s only Savior

43:14 God promises to rescue his people from Babylon

43:22 God’s grievances concerning Israel

44:1 Yahweh promised to bless Israel

44:6 Foolish worship of idols

44:21 A plea to the Israelis

44:24 Jerusalem will be rebuilt and inhabited again

45:1 Yahweh chose Cyrus to free the Israelis

46:1 The gods of Babylonia are useless

47:1 Prediction of the destruction of Babylon

48:1 The people of Israel are stubborn

48:12 The people of Israel should leave Babylon because that city will be destroyed

49:1 Yahweh appointed his special servant

49:8 The promise to restore Israel

50:1 Yahweh’s power

51:1 Yahweh will bless the descendants of Abraham

51:9 A prayer for God’s help

51:17 A warning to the people of Jerusalem

52:1 Jerusalem’s suffering will end

52:7 A message of encouragement for Jerusalem

52:13 God’s suffering servant

54:1 Yahweh promised that his people would return to Jerusalem

55:1 The future glory of Jerusalem

56:1 God will bless all the nations

56:9 God promised to punish the Israeli leaders

57:1 Israel’s idolatry condemned

57:14 Yahweh will rescue his people.

58:1 True worship

59:1 Yahweh will rescue the people of Judah in spite of the evil things they have done

60:1 Israel’s future glory

61:1 Good news for oppressed people

62:1 Isaiah’s prayer for Jerusalem

63:1 Yahweh’s punishment on the nations

63:7 Yahweh’s kindness to his people

63:15 A prayer for God’s mercy and pardon

65:1 God’s punishment of the rebellious Israelis

65:17 Yahweh’s new creation

66:1 Yahweh will judge all the nations

66:5 Yahweh will help the people of Jerusalem