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Index of sections for NET ISA

Intro:0 ISA (Headers)

1:1 Heading

1:2 Obedience, not Sacrifice

1:21 Purifying Judgment

2:6 The Lord’s Day of Judgment

3:16 Washing Away Impurity

4:2 The Branch of the Lord

5:8 Disaster is Coming

8:11 The Lord Encourages Isaiah

8:19 Darkness Turns to Light as an Ideal King Arrives

9:8 God’s Judgment Intensifies

10:5 The Lord Turns on Arrogant Assyria

11:10 Israel is Reclaimed and Reunited

14:28 The Lord Will Judge the Philistines

21:11 Bad News for Seir

21:13 The Lord Will Judge Arabia

24:21 The Lord Will Become King

26:7 God’s People Anticipate Vindication

28:14 The Lord Will Judge Jerusalem

29:9 God’s People are Spiritually Insensitive

29:17 Changes are Coming

30:18 The Lord Will Not Abandon His People

31:4 The Lord Will Defend Zion

32:9 The Lord Will Give True Security

38:9 Hezekiah’s Song of Thanks

40:12 The Lord is Incomparable

41:8 The Lord Encourages His People

41:21 The Lord Challenges the Pagan Gods

42:8 The Lord Intervenes

42:18 The Lord Reasons with His People

43:8 The Lord Declares His Sovereignty

43:14 The Lord Will Do Something New

43:22 The Lord Rebukes His People

44:6 The Absurdity of Idolatry

44:24 The Lord Empowers Cyrus

45:9 The Lord Gives a Warning

45:14 The Lord is the Nations’ Only Hope

49:14 The Lord Remembers Zion

50:4 The Servant Perseveres

51:16 Zion’s Time to Celebrate

52:13 The Lord Will Vindicate His Servant

56:9 The Lord Denounces Israel’s Paganism

59:9 Israel Confesses its Sin

59:16 The Lord Intervenes

63:7 A Prayer for Divine Intervention