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Index of sections for NET ACTs

Intro:0 ACT (Headers)

1:1 Jesus Ascends to Heaven

1:12 A Replacement for Judas is Chosen

2:14 Peter’s Address on the Day of Pentecost

2:37 The Response to Peter’s Address

2:42 The Fellowship of the Early Believers

3:11 Peter Addresses the Crowd

4:23 The Followers of Jesus Pray for Boldness

4:32 Conditions Among the Early Believers

5:12 The Apostles Perform Miraculous Signs and Wonders

5:17 Further Trouble for the Apostles

6:8 Stephen is Arrested

7:54 Stephen is Killed

8:1b Saul Begins to Persecute the Church

8:4 Philip Preaches in Samaria

8:26 Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

9:23 Saul’s Escape from Damascus

9:26 Saul Returns to Jerusalem

9:32 Peter Heals Aeneas

9:36 Peter Raises Dorcas

10:44 The Gentiles Receive the Holy Spirit

11:19 Activity in the Church at Antioch

11:27 Famine Relief for Judea

13:4 Paul and Barnabas Preach in Cyprus

13:13 Paul and Barnabas at Pisidian Antioch

14:8 Paul and Barnabas at Lystra

14:21 Paul and Barnabas Return to Antioch in Syria

15:36 Paul and Barnabas Part Company

16:6 Paul’s Vision of the Macedonian Man

16:11 Arrival at Philippi

16:16 Paul and Silas Are Thrown Into Prison

17:10 Paul and Silas at Berea

17:16 Paul at Athens

18:12 Paul Before the Proconsul Gallio

18:18 Paul Returns to Antioch in Syria

18:24 Apollos Begins His Ministry

19:8 Paul Continues to Minister at Ephesus

19:11 The Seven Sons of Sceva

19:21 A Riot in Ephesus

20:13 The Voyage to Miletus

22:22 The Roman Commander Questions Paul

22:30 Paul Before the Sanhedrin

23:12 The Plot to Kill Paul

24:10 Paul’s Defense Before Felix

24:24 Paul Speaks Repeatedly to Felix

25:1 Paul Appeals to Caesar

25:13 Festus Asks King Agrippa for Advice

25:23 Paul Before King Agrippa and Bernice

27:9 Caught in a Violent Storm

27:39 Paul is Shipwrecked

28:11 Paul Finally Reaches Rome

28:17 Paul Addresses the Jewish Community in Rome