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Index of sections for NET NAH

Intro:0 NAH (Headers)

1:1 Introduction

1:2 God Takes Vengeance against His Enemies

1:3b The Divine Warrior Destroys His Enemies but Protects His People

1:9 Denunciation and Destruction of Nineveh

1:12 Oracle of Deliverance to Judah

1:14 Oracle of Judgment against the King of Nineveh

1:15 Proclamation of the Deliverance of Judah

2:3 Prophetic Vision of the Fall of Nineveh

2:11 Taunt against the Once-Mighty Lion

2:13 Battle Cry of the Divine Warrior

3:2 Portrayal of the Destruction of Nineveh

3:4 Taunt against the Harlot City

3:8 Nineveh Will Suffer the Same Fate as Thebes

3:12 The Assyrian Defenses Will Fail

3:15b The Assyrian Defenders Will Flee

3:18 Concluding Dirge