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Index of sections for NET EXO

Intro:0 EXO (Headers)

1:1 Blessing during Bondage in Egypt

2:11 The Presumption of the Deliverer

2:23 The Call of the Deliverer

4:18 The Return of Moses

5:22 The Assurance of Deliverance

6:14 The Ancestry of the Deliverer

6:28 The Authentication of the Word

7:14 The First Blow: Water to Blood

7:25 The Second Blow: Frogs

8:16 The Third Blow: Gnats

8:20 The Fourth Blow: Flies

9:8 The Sixth Blow: Boils

9:13 The Seventh Blow: Hail

10:21 The Ninth Blow: Darkness

12:29 The Deliverance from Egypt

12:43 Participation in the Passover

13:17 The Leading of God

15:22 The Bitter Water

17:8 Victory over the Amalekites

20:22 The Altar

21:2 Hebrew Servants

21:12 Personal Injuries

21:28 Laws about Animals

22:16 Moral and Ceremonial Laws

23:10 Sabbaths and Feasts

23:20 The Angel of the Presence

25:10 The Ark of the Covenant

25:23 The Table for the Bread of the Presence

25:31 The Lampstand

27:9 The Courtyard

27:20 Offering the Oil

30:11 The Ransom Money

30:17 The Bronze Laver

30:22 Oil and Incense

31:12 Sabbath Observance

33:7 The Presence of the Lord

34:29 The Radiant Face of Moses

35:4 Willing Workers

36:8 The Building of the Tabernacle

37:10 The Making of the Table

37:17 The Making of the Lampstand

37:25 The Making of the Altar of Incense

38:9 The Construction of the Courtyard

38:21 The Materials of the Construction

39:2 The Ephod

39:8 The Breastpiece of Decision

39:22 The Other Garments

39:32 Moses Inspects the Sanctuary