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Index of sections for NET ECC

Intro:0 ECC (Headers)

1:1 Title

1:2 Introduction: Utter Futility

1:3 Futility Illustrated from Nature

1:12 Futility of Secular Accomplishment

1:16 Futility of Secular Wisdom

2:1b Futility of Self-Indulgent Pleasure I thought to myself,

2:4 Futility of Materialism

2:12 Wisdom is Better than Folly

2:18 Futility of Being a Workaholic

2:22 Painful Days and Restless Nights

2:24 Enjoy Work and its Benefits

3:9 Man is Ignorant of God’s Timing

3:12 Enjoy Life in the Present

3:14 God’s Sovereignty

3:16 The Problem of Injustice and Oppression

4:4 Labor Motivated by Envy

4:7 Labor Motivated by Greed

4:9 Labor is Beneficial When Its Rewards Are Shared

4:13 Labor Motivated by Prestige-Seeking

5:8 Government Corruption

5:10 Covetousness

5:13 Materialism Thwarts Enjoyment of Life

5:18 Enjoy the Fruit of Your Labor

6:10 The Futile Way Life Works

7:5 Frivolous Living Versus Wisdom

7:7 Human Wisdom Overturned by Adversity

7:11 Wisdom Can Lengthen One’s Life

7:13 Wisdom Acknowledges God’s Orchestration of Life

7:15 Exceptions to the Law of Retribution

7:19 Wisdom Needed Because No One is Truly Righteous

7:23 Human Wisdom is Limited

7:25 True Righteousness and Wisdom are Virtually Nonexistent

8:10 Contradictions to the Law of Retribution

8:15 Enjoy Life In Spite of Its Injustices

8:16 Limitations of Human Wisdom

9:4 Better to Be Poor but Alive than Rich but Dead

9:7 Life is Brief, so Cherish its Joys

9:11 Wisdom Cannot Protect against Seemingly Chance Events

9:13 Most People Are Not Receptive to Wise Counsel

9:17 Wisdom versus Fools, Sin, and Folly

10:2 Wisdom Can Be Nullified By the Caprice of Rulers

10:8 Wisdom is Needed to Avert Dangers in Everyday Life

10:12 Words and Works of Wise Men and Fools

10:16 The Problem with Foolish Rulers

11:7 Life Should Be Enjoyed Because Death is Inevitable

11:9 Enjoy Life to the Fullest under the Fear of God

12:8 Concluding Refrain: Qoheleth Restates His Thesis

12:9 Concluding Epilogue: Qoheleth’s Advice is Wise

12:12 Concluding Exhortation: Fear God and Obey His Commands!