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Index of sections for NET LEV

Intro:0 LEV (Headers)

1:1 Introduction to the Sacrificial Regulations

1:3 Burnt Offering Regulations: Animal from the Herd

1:10 Animal from the Flock

1:14 From the Birds

2:4 Processed Grain Offerings

2:11 Additional Grain Offering Regulations

3:6 Animal from the Flock

4:3 For the Priest

4:13 For the Whole Congregation

4:22 For the Leader

4:27 For the Common Person

5:14 Guilt Offering Regulations: Known Trespass

5:17 Unknown trespass

6:8 Sacrificial Instructions for the Priests: The Burnt Offering

6:14 The Grain Offering of the Common Person

6:19 The Grain Offering of the Priests

6:24 The Sin Offering

7:8 Priestly Portions of Burnt and Grain Offerings

7:11 The Peace Offering

7:22 Sacrificial Instructions for the Common People: Fat and Blood

7:28 Priestly Portions of Peace Offerings

7:37 Summary of Sacrificial Regulations in Leviticus 6:8-7:36

8:6 Clothing Aaron

8:10 Anointing the Tabernacle and Aaron, and Clothing Aaron’s Sons

8:14 Consecration Offerings

8:30 Anointing Aaron, his Sons, and their Garments

9:8 The Sin Offering for the Priests

9:12 The Burnt Offering for the Priests

9:15 The Offerings for the People

10:8 Perpetual Statutes the Lord Spoke to Aaron

10:12 Perpetual Statutes Moses spoke to Aaron

10:16 The Problem with the Inaugural Sin Offering

11:9 Clean and Unclean Water Creatures

11:13 Clean and Unclean Birds

11:20 Clean and Unclean Insects

11:24 Carcass Uncleanness

11:26 Inedible Land Quadrupeds

11:29 Creatures that Swarm on the Land

11:39 Edible Land Quadrupeds

13:4 A Bright Spot on the Skin

13:9 A Swelling on the Skin

13:18 A Boil on the Skin

13:24 A Burn on the Skin

13:29 Scall on the Head or in the Beard

13:38 Bright White Spots on the Skin

13:40 Baldness on the Head

13:45 The Life of the Person with Skin Disease

13:47 Infections in Garments, Cloth, or Leather

13:59 Summary of Infection Regulations

14:8 The Seven Days of Purification

14:10 The Eighth Day Atonement Rituals

14:21 The Eighth Day Atonement Rituals for the Poor Person

14:33 Purification of Disease-Infected Houses

14:54 Summary of Purification Regulations for Infections

15:13 Purity Regulations for Male Bodily Discharges

15:19 Female Bodily Discharges

15:28 Purity Regulations from Female Bodily Discharges

15:31 Summary of Purification Regulations for Bodily Discharges

16:3 Day of Atonement Offerings

16:11 The Sin Offering Sacrificial Procedures

16:20 The Live Goat Ritual Procedures

16:23 The Concluding Rituals

16:29 Review of the Day of Atonement

17:10 Prohibition against Eating Blood

17:15 Regulations for Eating Carcasses

18:6 Laws of Sexual Relations

18:24 Warning against the Abominations of the Nations

19:5 Eating the Peace Offering

19:9 Leaving the Gleanings

19:11 Dealing Honestly

19:15 Justice, Love, and Propriety

19:20 Lying with a Slave Woman

19:23 The Produce of Fruit Trees

19:26 Blood, Hair, and Body

19:30 Purity, Honor, Respect, and Honesty

20:6 Prohibition against Spiritists and Mediums

20:7 Exhortation to Holiness and Obedience

20:9 Family Life and Sexual Prohibitions

20:22 Exhortation to Holiness and Obedience

20:27 Prohibition against Spiritists and Mediums

21:10 Rules for the High Priest

21:16 Rules for the Priesthood

22:17 Regulations for Offering Votive and Freewill Offerings

23:3 The Weekly Sabbath

23:4 The Festival of Passover and Unleavened Bread

23:9 The Presentation of First Fruits

23:15 The Festival of Weeks

23:23 The Festival of Horn Blasts

23:26 The Day of Atonement

23:33 The Festival of Booths

24:10 A Case of Blaspheming the Name

25:8 Regulations for the Jubilee Year of Release

25:13 Release of Landed Property

25:29 Release of Houses

25:35 Debt and Slave Regulations

26:3 The Benefits of Obedience

26:14 The Consequences of Disobedience

26:39 Restoration through Confession and Repentance

26:46 Summary Colophon

27:9 Redemption of Vowed Animals

27:14 Redemption of Vowed Houses

27:16 Redemption of Vowed Fields

27:26 Redemption of the Firstborn

27:28 Things Permanently Dedicated to the Lord

27:30 Redemption of the Tithe

27:34 Final Colophon