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Index of sections for NET HOS

Intro:0 HOS (Headers)

1:1 Superscription

1:2 Symbols of Sin and Judgment: The Prostitute and Her Children

1:10 The Restoration of Israel

2:2 Idolatrous Israel Will Be Punished Like a Prostitute

2:6 The Lord’s Discipline Will Bring Israel Back

2:8 Agricultural Fertility Withdrawn from Israel

2:14 Future Repentance and Restoration of Israel

2:18 New Covenant Relationship with Repentant Israel

2:21 Agricultural Fertility Restored to the Repentant Nation

4:4 The Lord’s Dispute against the Sinful Priesthood

4:11 Judgment of Pagan Idolatry and Cultic Prostitution

4:15 Warning to Judah: Do Not Join in Israel’s Apostasy!

4:18 The Shameful Sinners Will Be Brought to Shame

5:6 The Futility of Sacrificial Ritual without Moral Obedience

5:8 The Prophet’s Declaration of Judgment

5:10 The Oppressors of the Helpless Will Be Oppressed

5:12 The Curse of the Incurable Wound

5:14 The Lion Will Carry Israel Off Into Exile

6:4 Transitory Faithfulness and Imminent Judgment

6:7 Indictments Against the Cities of Israel and Judah

6:11b If Israel Would Repent of Sin, God Would Relent of Judgment

7:3 Political Intrigue and Conspiracy in the Palace

7:8 Israel Lacks Discernment and Refuses to Repent

7:11 Israel Turns to Assyria and Egypt for Help

7:13 Israel Has Turned Away from the Lord

8:4 The Political and Cultic Sin of Israel

8:7 The Fertility Cultists Will Become Infertile

8:9 The Willful Donkey and the Wanton Harlot

8:11 Sacrifices Ineffective without Moral Obedience

9:3 Assyrian Exile Will Reverse the Egyptian Exodus

9:6 No Escape for the Israelites This Time!

9:7b Israel Rejects Hosea’s Prophetic Exhortations

9:9 The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

9:11 The Fertility Worshipers Will Become Infertile

10:3 The Lord Will Punish Israel by Removing Its Kings

10:5 The Calf Idol and Idolaters of Samaria Will Be Exiled

10:9 Failure to Learn from the Sin and Judgment of Gibeah

10:11 Fertility Imagery: Plowing, Sowing, and Reaping

10:14 Bethel Will Be Destroyed Like Beth Arbel

11:8 The Divine Dilemma: Judgment or Mercy?

11:10 God Will Restore the Exiles to Israel

11:12 God’s Lawsuit against Israel: Breach of Covenant

12:3 Israel Must Return to the God of Jacob

12:7 The Lord Refutes Israel’s False Claim of Innocence

12:12 Jacob in Aram, Israel in Egypt, and Ephraim in Trouble

13:4 Well-Fed Israel Will Be Fed to Wild Animals

13:9 Israel’s King Unable to Deliver the Nation

13:12 Israel’s Punishment Will Not Be Withheld Much Longer

13:14 The Lord Will Not Relent from the Threatened Judgment

13:15 The Capital of the Northern Empire Will Be Destroyed

14:4 Divine Promise to Relent from Judgment and to Restore Blessings

14:9 Concluding Exhortation