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Index of sections for NET 2SA

Intro:0 SA2 (Headers)

1:1 David Learns of the Deaths of Saul and Jonathan

1:17 David’s Tribute to Saul and Jonathan

2:8 David’s Army Clashes with the Army of Saul

3:6 Abner Defects to David’s Camp

3:22 Abner Is Killed

5:6 David Occupies Jerusalem

5:17 Conflict with the Philistines

7:18 David Offers a Prayer to God

8:16 David’s Cabinet

12:26 David’s Forces Defeat the Ammonites

13:23 Absalom Has Amnon Put to Death

15:13 David Flees from Jerusalem

16:5 Shimei Curses David and His Men

16:15 The Advice of Ahithophel

18:19 David Learns of Absalom’s Death

19:8b David Goes Back to Jerusalem

21:15 Israel Engages in Various Battles with the Philistines

23:8 David’s Warriors

24:18 David Acquires a Threshing Floor and Constructs an Altar There