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Index of sections for NET YHN

Intro:0 JHN (Headers)

1:1 The Prologue to the Gospel

1:19 The Testimony of John the Baptist

1:40 Andrew’s Declaration

1:43 The Calling of More Disciples

2:12 Cleansing the Temple

2:23 Jesus at the Passover Feast

3:22 Further Testimony About Jesus by John the Baptist

4:4 Conversation With a Samaritan Woman

4:27 The Disciples Return

4:31 Workers for the Harvest

4:39 The Samaritans Respond

4:43 Onward to Galilee

4:46 Healing the Royal Official’s Son

5:16 Responding to Jewish Leaders

5:31 More Testimony About Jesus

6:16 Walking on Water

6:25 Jesus’ Discourse About the Bread of Life

6:59 Many Followers Depart

6:66 Peter’s Confession

7:14 Teaching in the Temple

7:25 Questions About Jesus’ Identity

7:37 Teaching About the Spirit

7:40 Differing Opinions About Jesus

7:45 Lack of Belief

7:53 A Woman Caught in Adultery

8:12 Jesus as the Light of the World

8:21 Where Jesus Came From and Where He is Going

8:31 Abraham’s Children and the Devil’s Children

9:13 The Pharisees’ Reaction to the Healing

9:35 The Man’s Response to Jesus

10:22 Jesus at the Feast of Dedication

11:17 Speaking with Martha and Mary

11:38 Lazarus Raised from the Dead

11:45 The Response of the Jewish Leaders

12:12 The Triumphal Entry

12:20 Seekers

12:37 The Outcome of Jesus’ Public Ministry Foretold

12:44 Jesus’ Final Public Words

13:18 The Announcement of Jesus’ Betrayal

13:31 The Prediction of Peter’s Denial

14:15 Teaching on the Holy Spirit

15:18 The World’s Hatred

17:6 Jesus Prays for the Disciples

17:20 Jesus Prays for Believers Everywhere

18:12 Jesus Before Annas

18:15 Peter’s First Denial

18:19 Jesus Questioned by Annas

18:25 Peter’s Second and Third Denials

18:28 Jesus Brought Before Pilate

18:33 Pilate Questions Jesus

19:16b The Crucifixion

19:28 Jesus’ Death

19:38 Jesus’ Burial

20:10 Jesus’ Appearance to Mary Magdalene

20:19 Jesus’ Appearance to the Disciples

20:24 The Response of Thomas

21:15 Peter’s Restoration

21:20 Peter and the Disciple Jesus Loved

21:24 A Final Note