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Index of sections for NET DEU

Intro:0 DEU (Headers)

1:1 The Covenant Setting

1:6 Events at Horeb

1:18 Instructions at Kadesh Barnea

1:26 Disobedience at Kadesh Barnea

1:34 Judgment at Kadesh Barnea

1:41 Unsuccessful Conquest of Canaan

2:16 Instructions Concerning Ammon

2:26 Defeat of Sihon, King of Heshbon

3:12 Distribution of the Transjordanian Allotments

3:18 Instructions to the Transjordanian Tribes

3:23 Denial to Moses of the Promised Land

4:9 Reminder of the Horeb Covenant

4:15 The Nature of Israel’s God

4:25 Threat and Blessing following Covenant Disobedience

4:32 The Uniqueness of Israel’s God

4:41 The Narrative Concerning Cities of Refuge

4:44 The Setting and Introduction of the Covenant

5:6 The Ten Commandments

5:22 The Narrative of the Sinai Revelation and Israel’s Response

6:4 The Essence of the Covenant Principles

6:6 Exhortation to Teach the Covenant Principles

6:10 Exhortation to Worship the Lord Exclusively

6:16 Exhortation to Obey the Lord Exclusively

6:20 Exhortation to Remember the Past

7:7 The Basis of Israel’s Election

7:12 Promises of Good for Covenant Obedience

7:16 Exhortation to Destroy Canaanite Paganism

8:11 Exhortation to Remember That Blessing Comes from God

9:7 The History of Israel’s Stubbornness

9:25 Moses’ Plea on Behalf of the Lord’s Reputation

10:6 Conclusion of the Historical Resume

10:12 An Exhortation to Love Both God and People

11:8 The Abundance of the Land of Promise

11:16 Exhortation to Instruction and Obedience

11:26 Anticipation of a Blessing and Cursing Ceremony

12:15 Regulations for Profane Slaughter

12:20 The Sanctity of Blood

12:29 The Abomination of Pagan Gods

12:32 Idolatry and False Prophets

13:6 False Prophets in the Family

13:12 Punishment of Community Idolatry

14:22 The Offering of Tribute

15:7 The Spirit of Liberality

15:12 Release of Debt Slaves

15:19 Giving God the Best

16:9 The Festival of Weeks

16:13 The Festival of Temporary Shelters

16:18 Provision for Justice

16:21 Examples of Legal Cases

17:8 Appeal to a Higher Court

17:14 Provision for Kingship

18:9 Provision for Prophetism

19:14 Laws Concerning Witnesses

20:16 Laws Concerning War with Canaanite Nations

21:10 Laws Concerning Wives

21:15 Laws Concerning Children

21:22 Disposition of a Criminal’s Remains

22:9 Illustrations of the Principle of Purity

22:13 Purity in the Marriage Relationship

23:9 Purity in Personal Hygiene

23:15 Purity in the Treatment of the Nonprivileged

23:17 Purity in Cultic Personnel

23:19 Respect for Others’ Property

24:8 Respect for Human Dignity

25:5 Respect for the Sanctity of Others

25:17 Treatment of the Amalekites

26:12 Presentation of the Third-year Tithe

26:16 Narrative Interlude

27:14 The Covenant Curses

28:15 Curses as Reversal of Blessings

28:20 Curses by Disease and Drought

28:25 Curses by Defeat and Deportation

28:38 The Curse of Reversed Status

28:47 The Curse of Military Siege

28:58 The Curse of Covenant Termination

29:2 The Exodus, Wandering, and Conquest Reviewed

29:9 The Present Covenant Setting

29:16 The Results of Disobedience

30:11 Exhortation to Covenant Obedience

31:9 The Deposit of the Covenant Text

31:14 The Commissioning of Joshua

31:24 Anticipation of Disobedience

32:15 Israel’s Rebellion

32:19 A Word of Judgment

32:26 The Weakness of Other Gods

32:39 The Vindication of the Lord

32:44 Narrative Interlude

32:48 Instructions about Moses’ Death

33:2b A Historical Review

33:6 Blessing on Reuben

33:7 Blessing on Judah

33:8 Blessing on Levi

33:12 Blessing on Benjamin

33:13 Blessing on Joseph

33:18 Blessing on Zebulun and Issachar

33:20 Blessing on Gad

33:22 Blessing on Dan

33:23 Blessing on Naphtali

33:24 Blessing on Asher

33:26 General Praise and Blessing

34:9 The Epitaph of Moses