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Index of sections for NET JDG

Intro:0 JDG (Headers)

1:1 Judah Takes the Lead

1:22 Partial Success

2:6 The End of an Era

2:11 A Monotonous Cycle

2:20 A Divine Decision

3:7 Othniel: A Model Leader

3:12 Deceit, Assassination, and Deliverance

6:11 Gideon Meets Some Visitors

6:25 Gideon Destroys the Altar

6:33 Gideon Summons an Army and Seeks Confirmation

7:9 Gideon Reassured of Victory

7:15 Gideon Routs the Enemy

7:24 Gideon Appeases the Ephraimites

8:4 Gideon Tracks Down the Midianite Kings

8:22 Gideon Rejects a Crown but Makes an Ephod

8:28 Gideon’s Story Ends

8:33 Israel Returns to Baal-Worship

9:7 Jotham’s Parable

9:22 God Fulfills Jotham’s Curse

10:6 The Lord’s Patience Runs Short

10:17 An Outcast Becomes a General

11:12 Jephthah Gives a History Lesson

11:29 A Foolish Vow Spells Death for a Daughter

12:8 Order Restored

16:23 Samson’s Death and Burial

17:7 Micah Hires a Professional