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Index of sections for NET MAT

Intro:0 MAT (Headers)

1:1 The Genealogy of Jesus Christ

1:18 The Birth of Jesus Christ

2:13 The Escape to Egypt

2:19 The Return to Nazareth

3:13 The Baptism of Jesus

4:12 Preaching in Galilee

4:18 The Call of the Disciples

4:23 Jesus’ Healing Ministry

5:13 Salt and Light

5:17 Fulfillment of the Law and Prophets

5:21 Anger and Murder

5:27 Adultery

5:31 Divorce

5:33 Oaths

5:38 Retaliation

5:43 Love for Enemies

6:5 Private Prayer

6:16 Proper Fasting

6:19 Lasting Treasure

6:25 Do Not Worry

7:7 Ask, Seek, Knock

7:13 The Narrow Gate

7:15 A Tree and Its Fruit

7:21 Judgment of Pretenders

7:24 Hearing and Doing

8:5 Healing the Centurion’s Servant

8:14 Healings at Peter’s House

8:18 Challenging Professed Followers

8:23 Stilling of a Storm

8:28 Healing the Gadarene Demoniacs

9:9 The Call of Matthew; Eating with Sinners

9:14 The Superiority of the New

9:18 Restoration and Healing

9:27 Healing the Blind and Mute

9:35 Workers for the Harvest

10:16 Persecution of Disciples

10:26 Fear God, Not Man

10:34 Not Peace, but a Sword

10:40 Rewards

11:2 Jesus and John the Baptist

11:20 Woes on Unrepentant Cities

11:25 Jesus’ Invitation

12:15 God’s Special Servant

12:22 Jesus and Beelzebul

12:33 Trees and Their Fruit

12:38 The Sign of Jonah

12:43 The Return of the Unclean Spirit

12:46 Jesus’ True Family

13:24 The Parable of the Weeds

13:31 The Parable of the Mustard Seed

13:33 The Parable of the Yeast

13:34 The Purpose of Parables

13:36 Explanation for the Disciples

13:44 Parables on the Kingdom of Heaven

13:53 Rejection at Nazareth

14:13 The Feeding of the Five Thousand

14:22 Walking on Water

15:10 True Defilement

15:21 A Canaanite Woman’s Faith

15:29 Healing Many Others

15:32 The Feeding of the Four Thousand

16:5 The Yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees

16:13 Peter’s Confession

16:21 First Prediction of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

17:14 The Disciples’ Failure to Heal

17:22 Matthew 17

17:24 The Temple Tax

18:10 The Parable of the Lost Sheep

18:15 Restoring Christian Relationships

18:23 The Parable of the Unforgiving Slave

19:13 Jesus and Little Children

19:16 The Rich Young Man

20:17 Third Prediction of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

20:20 A Request for James and John

20:29 Two Blind Men Healed

21:12 Cleansing the Temple

21:18 The Withered Fig Tree

21:23 The Authority of Jesus

21:28 The Parable of the Two Sons

21:33 The Parable of the Tenants

22:15 Paying Taxes to Caesar

22:23 Marriage and the Resurrection

22:34 The Greatest Commandment

22:41 The Messiah: David’s Son and Lord

23:37 Judgment on Israel

24:3 Signs of the End of the Age

24:9 Persecution of Disciples

24:15 The Abomination of Desolation

24:29 The Arrival of the Son of Man

24:32 The Parable of the Fig Tree

24:36 Be Ready!

24:45 The Faithful and Wise Slave

25:14 The Parable of the Talents

25:31 The Judgment

26:6 Jesus’ Anointing

26:14 The Plan to Betray Jesus

26:17 The Passover

26:26 The Lord’s Supper

26:31 The Prediction of Peter’s Denial

26:36 Gethsemane

26:47 Betrayal and Arrest

26:57 Condemned by the Sanhedrin

26:69 Peter’s Denials

27:3 Judas’ Suicide

27:11 Jesus and Pilate

27:24 Jesus is Condemned and Mocked

27:32 The Crucifixion

27:45 Jesus’ Death

27:57 Jesus’ Burial

27:62 The Guard at the Tomb

28:11 The Guards’ Report

28:16 The Great Commission