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Index of sections for T4T DEU

Intro:0 DEU (Headers)

1:1 Introduction to Moses’ first speech

1:9 Moses reminded them that he had appointed leaders

1:19 Moses reminded them about sending the spies

1:26 Moses reminded them how God punished them when they refused to go

2:1 Moses reminded them of their wandering in the desert

2:20 Other groups that lived near Canaan

2:24 Moses reminded them of crossing the Arnon River

3:1 Moses reminded them of the defeat of King Og

3:12 Moses reminded them of dividing the land east of the Jordan

3:23 Moses reminded them that he was not allowed to enter Canaan

4:1 Moses urged the people to obey God’s laws

4:15 Moses warned them about worshiping idols

4:32 Only Yahweh is God

4:41 The cities of refuge

4:44 Where Moses gave them God’s laws

5:1 Moses repeated for them the Ten Commandments

6:1 The commandment to love God

7:1 The blessings of worshiping God only

8:1 Moses urged them to remember and obey

9:1 The reason that God will enable them to be victorious

9:7 Moses reminded them of the golden calf

10:1 A new copy of the Ten Commandments

10:12 What Yahweh required

11:1 Moses reminded them of the great things that God did

12:1 The one place for worship

13:1 Moses warned them against idolatry

14:1 Creatures that were forbidden to be eaten

14:22 Giving tithes

15:1 The year for canceling debts

15:12 Freeing slaves

15:19 Rules about sacrificing firstborn animals

16:1 The Passover Festival

16:9 The festival for harvesting grain

16:13 The Festival of Living in Shelters

16:18 Judging people fairly

16:21 Warning against worshiping other gods

17:1 Warning against sacrificing defective animals

17:2 Punishment for idolatry

17:8 Judging difficult cases

17:14 Proper behavior for a king

18:1 What the priests were to receive

18:9 A warning about pagan practices

18:14 The promise to send a prophet like Moses

19:1 The cities of refuge

19:14 Warning against moving boundaries

19:15 Warnings about witnesses

20:1 Rules concerning fighting wars

21:1 When no one knows who murdered someone

21:10 The rule about marrying women who are captured

21:15 The oldest son’s inheritance

21:18 A rebellious son

21:22 Burying criminals

22:1 Various other laws

22:13 Rules concerning sex

23:1 Exclusion from Yahweh’s people

23:9 Keeping the camp clean

23:15 Various other laws

24:1 Laws about divorcing and remarrying

24:5 Various laws

25:1 Whipping criminals

25:4 Don’t muzzle your ox

25:5 Responsibility to a dead brother

25:11 Two other laws

25:17 Getting revenge on the Amalek people-group

26:1 Offerings at harvest time

26:12 The tithes

26:16 Yahweh’s own people

27:1 The stone tablets set up on Ebal Mountain

27:11 The curses from disobeying God

28:1 The blessings from obeying God

28:15 The curses from disobeying God

29:1 The agreement made in Moab

30:1 Bringing them back to Israel

30:11 Choose life, not death

31:1 Moses appointed Joshua to succeed him

31:9 The laws are to be read periodically

31:14 Moses predicted their disobedience

31:30 The song that Moses sang to them

32:48 God told Moses that he would see the land from far away

33:1 Moses blessed the Israeli tribes

34:1 How Moses died