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Index of sections for T4T HOS

Intro:0 HOS (Headers)

1:1 Hosea 1 (Start of chapter)

1:2 Hosea’s wife and children

2:2 Israel will be punished and later restored

3:1 Hosea bought his wife again

4:1 Yahweh’s accusation against Israel

4:12 The people are condemned for idolatry

5:1 Yahweh’s accusation against the Israeli people

6:1 The Israeli people were insincere about repenting

7:8 Other nations will not help them

8:1 The Israelis will be punished because of their wrong decisions

9:1 Israel will be punished

11:1 God’s love for Israel

11:12 Israel and Judah are condemned now

13:1 Israel is doomed to be destroyed

14:1 Those who repent will be blessed