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Index of sections for T4T JDG

Intro:0 JDG (Headers)

1:1 The tribes of Judah and Simeon defeated the Canaanites

1:11 Springs for Caleb’s daughter

1:16 More fights against the Canaanites

2:1 Yahweh’s message to Israel

2:6 Joshua died

2:10 The Israelis were punished for doing evil things

3:7 Othniel became their leader

3:12 Ehud became their next leader

3:31 Shamgar became their next leader

4:1 Deborah became the next leader

5:1 The song that Deborah sang

6:1 Gideon became the next leader

7:1 Gideon and his men defeated the army from Midian

8:1 Gideon killed Zebah and Zalmunna

8:22 Gideon refused to be their king

8:28 Gideon died

9:1 Abimelech became king in Shechem

9:22 Abimelech and his men killed the people of Shechem

9:46 They killed the people in the fortress

9:50 Abimelech was killed

10:1 Tola ruled the Israelis

10:3 Jair ruled the Israelis

10:6 The Ammon people-group oppressed the Israelis

11:1 Jephthah was chosen to be their leader

11:12 Jephthah’s message to the king of the Ammon people-group

12:1 Jephthah’s army defeated the tribe of Ephraim

12:8 Ibzan became their leader

12:11 Elon became their leader

12:13 Abdon became their leader

13:1 Samson was born

14:1 Samson’s riddle

15:1 Samson got revenge on the Philistines

16:1 Samson removed the gate at Gaza

16:23 Samson killed many thousands of Philistines when he died

17:1 Micah made idols and hired a priest

18:1 The tribe of Dan took Micah’s priest and his idols

19:1 A Levite and his concubine

20:1 The war between the tribe of Benjamin and the other tribes of Israel

21:1 They found wives for the men of the tribe of Benjamin