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Index of sections for T4T YHN

Intro:0 JHN (Headers)

1:0 John 1:1-18

1:1 This book is about Jesus, who was eternally with God but also became a human being to reveal God to mankind.

1:19 When religious authorities asked John about his identity, he said he was preparing people for the coming of the Messiah, who was much more important than himself.

1:29 John the Baptizer announced that Jesus was the one who would become a sacrifice to remove guilt for sin, and how God had confirmed that Jesus was the Son of God.

1:35 After John declared again that Jesus would be a sacrifice to remove guilt for sin, four men decided to become Jesus’ disciples.

1:43 Jesus told Nathaniel that he knew about him supernaturally, but that he would do things that were more surprising than that.

2:1 In Cana Jesus did his first miracle, turning water into delicious wine.

2:12 Jesus and others went to Capernaum and stayed there several days.

2:13 After Jesus expelled the merchants from the temple, the Jewish leaders wanted him to do a miracle to show by what authority he did that. He told them metaphorically that he would become alive again three days after he died.

3:1 Jesus told Nicodemus that people needed to be born again spiritually to have eternal life.

3:16 God sent his Son into the world to save everyone who trusts in him.

3:22 When many people began to become Jesus’ disciples, and John the Baptizer declared that Jesus was greater than he, the Jewish leaders rejected John’s and Jesus’ testimony that Jesus was equal to God.

4:0 John 4:1-30

4:1 While Jesus talked with a Samaritan woman, he showed by his God-given knowledge of her personal life that he is the life-giving Messiah.

4:31 Jesus told his disciples that what sustained him was doing his Father’s will, which meant convincing non-Jewish people to believe in him.

4:39 Many Samaritans believed that Jesus was the Messiah.

4:43 After Jesus healed an official’s son, the official and his family believed that Jesus is the Messiah.

5:1 The Jewish leaders did not like the fact that Jesus healed a paralyzed man on the Sabbath day.

5:14 The Jewish leaders became very angry with Jesus for saying that he was the man who was also God.

5:19 Jesus replied to their objections by stating five reasons why they should believe that he is the ◄Son of/man who was also► God.

6:1 Jesus miraculously fed more than 5,000 people.

6:16 Jesus miraculously walked on the water.

6:25 Jesus taught them figuratively of the need for them to take for themselves the benefits of his sacrificing himself and shedding his blood to atone for their sins.

6:60 Some of Jesus’ disciples left him because of this teaching.

7:1 Jesus rejected his younger brothers’ suggestion that he go immediately to Jerusalem.

7:10 Jesus went to the celebration.

7:14 After Jesus taught people, the Jewish leaders wanted to arrest him, but many others believed he was the Messiah.

7:37 Many people were divided after Jesus said that the Spirit would produce eternal life within those who come to him.

8:1 Jesus evaded a trap about condemning a woman who had been caught committing adultery.

8:12 Jesus replied to the Pharisees’ objection to his claim to be like a light for the people of the world.

8:21 Jesus replied to the Pharisees’ continued rejection of Jesus’ claims about himself.

8:31 Jesus told his critics which people were true believers like Abraham and which ones really were serving Satan.

9:1 Jesus healed a man who was born blind.

9:13 The Pharisees investigated the healing of the blind man.

10:1 Jesus explained why he is like a good shepherd.

10:22 The Jewish leaders tried to kill or arrest Jesus for claiming that he was equal with God.

11:1 Jesus’ friend, Lazarus, died.

11:17 Lazarus’ sisters expressed disappointment that Jesus did not come and heal Lazarus before he died.

11:41 Jesus caused Lazarus to be alive again.

11:49 The Jewish leaders decided to kill Jesus.

12:1 A woman anointed Jesus with perfume

12:9 The Jewish leaders decided to kill Lazarus, too.

12:12 Jesus entered Jerusalem as a king, but a humble one.

12:20 Jesus told some Greeks what people who wanted to be his disciples had to be ready to do.

12:28b God encouraged Jesus about his coming death by a voice from heaven.

12:36b Most of the Jewish leaders continued to reject Jesus’ message.

12:44 Jesus warned that God would condemn those who rejected his message.

13:1 Jesus washed the disciples’ feet as an example of humble service to each other.

13:18 Jesus predicted that one of them would betray him to his enemies.

13:31 Jesus commanded his disciples that they should love each other.

13:36 Jesus also prophesied that Peter would deny that he knew Jesus.

14:1 Jesus encouraged his disciples and told them that he is the only way to the Father.

14:15 Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to them.

15:1 Jesus taught them that they needed to remain closely united to him in order to live in a way that would please God.

15:18 Jesus taught them that those who were opposed to God would hate them, too.

16:5 Jesus told them some things that the Holy Spirit would do.

16:16 Jesus told them that after he left they would be sad, but that they would later be joyful when they saw him again.

17:1 Jesus prayed that God would honor him.

17:6 Jesus prayed that God would protect his disciples.

17:20 Jesus prayed for future believers.

18:1 They seized Jesus in a grove of olive trees.

18:12 They took Jesus to be questioned by Annas, the former high priest.

18:15 Peter denied that he was Jesus’ disciple.

18:19 The High Priest questioned Jesus.

18:25 Peter denied two more times that he knew Jesus.

18:28 Pilate the governor questioned Jesus.

19:1 Pilate finally permitted them to crucify Jesus.

19:16b They nailed Jesus to a cross.

19:25 Jesus entrusted his mother to John’s care.

19:28 Jesus died.

19:38 Joseph and others put Jesus’ body in a cave.

20:1 On Sunday morning they discovered that Jesus’ tomb was empty.

20:10 Jesus appeared to Mary from Magdala.

20:19 Jesus appeared to many of his disciples.

20:26 Jesus appeared to all of his disciples, including Thomas.

20:30 John stated the purpose of this book.

21:1 Jesus appeared to seven disciples and enabled them miraculously to catch a lot of fish.

21:15 Jesus asked Peter three times if he really loved Jesus. Then Jesus told Peter how Peter would die.

21:20 Peter asked Jesus what would happen to John.

21:24 A statement about the truth and accuracy of this document.