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Index of sections for LEB LEV

Intro:0 LEV (Headers)

1:1 Laws for Burnt Offerings

2:1 Laws for Grain Offerings

3:1 Laws for Fellowship Offerings

4:1 Laws for Sin Offerings

5:1 More Laws Regarding Sin Offerings

5:14 Laws for Guilt Offerings

6:1 Additional Laws for Burnt Offerings

6:14 Additional Laws for Grain Offerings

6:23b Additional Laws for Sin Offerings

7:1 Additional Laws for Guilt Offerings

7:8 Portions for the Priests

7:11 Additional Laws for Fellowship Offerings

7:22 Instructions for the People

7:28 Portions of Fellowship Offerings for Priests

7:37 Concluding Summary Concerning the Offerings

8:1 Installing the Priests

8:14 The Offerings for Consecration

8:30 Anointing the Priests and Their Garments

9:1 Worship at the Tent of Assembly

10:1 The Deaths of Nadab and Abihu

10:8 Lasting Statutes

10:16 The Problem of the Uneaten Sin Offering

11:1 Clean and Unclean Animals

12:1 Purification After Childbirth

13:1 Regulations About Defiling Skin Diseases

13:47 Regulations About Contaminated Fabrics

14:1 Instructions for Cleansing Infectious Skin Diseases

14:33 Instructions for Cleansing Houses

15:1 Instructions About Bodily Discharges

16:1 The Day of Atonement

17:1 The Place of Sacrifice

17:8 Instructions Against Eating Blood

18:1 Unlawful Sexual Relations

19:1 Yahweh Is Holy

19:9 Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

19:19 You Shall Keep My Statutes

20:1 Molech Worship and Spiritism

20:9 Family and Sexual Offenses

20:22 You Shall Be Holy

21:1 Regulations Concerning Priests

22:1 Priests and Their Food

22:17 Acceptable Offerings

23:1 Yahweh’s Feasts

23:3 Yahweh’s Sabbath

23:4 The Passover

23:9 The Feast of Firstfruits

23:15 The Feast of Weeks

23:23 The Feast of Trumpets

23:26 The Day of Atonement

23:33 The Feast of Booths

23:37 Summary

24:1 The Sanctuary’s Lamp and Bread

24:10 Punishment for Blasphemy

25:1 The Sabbath Year

25:8 The Year of Jubilee

26:1 Blessings for Obedience

26:14 Punishment for Disobedience

27:1 Instructions About Vows