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Index of sections for T4T LEV

Intro:0 LEV (Headers)

1:1 The burnt offering

2:1 The grain offering

3:1 The fellowship offering

4:1 The sin offering

5:14 The guilt offering

6:8 Other instructions concerning the burnt offerings

6:14 Other instructions concerning the grain offerings

6:24 Other instructions concerning the sin offering

7:1 The guilt offering

7:11 The offerings to maintain fellowship with Yahweh

7:22 Eating fat or blood is forbidden

7:28 The portions for the priests

8:1 Aaron and his sons were appointed to be priests

9:1 Aaron and his sons started to offer sacrifices

10:1 Nadab and Abihu died

11:1 Food that is acceptable to God and food that is not

12:1 Purifying women after they give birth

13:1 Regulations concerning contagious skin diseases

13:47 Regulations concerning mildew

14:1 Rituals for those healed of contagious skin diseases

14:33 Instructions regarding mildew in a house

15:1 Discharges from bodies

16:1 The Day of Atonement

17:1 Where sacrifices are to be offered

18:1 Forbidden sexual behavior

19:1 Other laws

20:1 Punishments for various sins

21:1 Rules for priests

22:17 Offerings that are not acceptable

23:1 Religious celebrations

23:3 The Sabbath

23:4 The Festivals of Passover and Unleavened Bread

23:9 The Festival of the Beginning of the Harvest

23:15 The Festival of the End of the Harvest

23:23 The Festival of Trumpets

23:26 The Festival of Atonement

23:33 The Festival of Shelters

24:1 Taking care of the lamps

24:10 An example of fair punishment

25:1 The seventh year

25:8 The fiftieth year

26:1 Promised blessings for obeying Yahweh

26:14 Threatened punishments for disobeying Yahweh

27:1 Making promises about gifts to Yahweh