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Index of sections for LEB ECC

Intro:0 ECC (Headers)

1:1 Prologue

1:2 Motto Introduced

1:3 All Toil is Profitless and Repetitious

1:12 Qohelet Introduces His Quest

2:1 Qohelet’s Investigation of Self-Indulgence

2:4 Qohelet’s Investigation of Personal Accomplishment

2:12 The Living Must Abandon the Work of their Hands to Others at Death

2:24 It is Best to Simply Enjoy the Passing Pleasures of Life as Reward for Pleasing God

3:1 God Has Ordained the Ebb and Flow of Human Activities

3:10 No One Understands God’s Mysterious Plan

3:16 God’s Mysterious Plan Allows Injustice to Exist in the World

4:1 The Existence of Oppression in the World Makes Human Existence Miserable

4:4 People Need Balance in Their Approach to Labor

4:7 Wealth without Someone with Which to Enjoy It is Futile

4:9 Friends and Family Can Help One Another in Life

4:13 One Must Be Willing to Listen to Counsel

5:0b Listen to God Rather Than Uttering Rash Vows

5:8 Powerful Bureaucrats Exploit the Helpless Poor

5:10 There is Never Enough Money to Satisfy

5:13 Hoarding Wealth Can Backfire

5:18 If You Have Wealth, Enjoy It as God Enables

6:1 Those Who Have Wealth but Do Not Enjoy It Are Pitiful

6:7 One Must Learn to Be Content with What One Has

6:10 It is Futile for Humans to Complain about God’s Irresistible Will

6:12 The Future is Inscrutable to Humans

7:0b People Generally Do Not Know What is Best for Them

7:7 Wisdom—Although Vulnerable—is Beneficial

7:13 Humans Must Accept God’s Will and Make the Best of It

7:15 The Law of Retribution Does Not Always Work—but It Does Sometimes

7:19 Wisdom is Valuable, but No One is Completely Righteous

7:23 Absolute Wisdom is Unattainable

8:0b Wisdom is Valuable

8:7 No One Knows the Future

8:9 The World Marred by Oppression and Injustice

8:11 Although Evil is Not Punished Swiftly, God Does Eventually Punish Sinners

8:15 Humans Should Enjoy the Life That God Gives to Them

8:16 No One Can Discover the Rhyme and Reason for Things

9:1 The Same Fate—Death—Awaits Everyone

9:4 Death Deprives Humans of Everything in Life

9:7 Enjoy Life While It Lasts

9:11 The Injustice of Time and Chance

9:13 Wisdom—Although Vulnerable—is Superior to Power

9:17 Wisdom—Although Vulnerable—is Superior to Folly

10:8 Accidents Happen—Even to Professionals

10:10 Hard Work and Skill Alone Cannot Succeed—Wisdom is Necessary

10:12 The Consequences of Foolishness

11:0b Living in the Light of the Limits of Human Knowledge

11:7 Enjoy Life to the Fullest within the Auspices of the Fear of God

12:0b Advice to the Young: Life is Short and Then You Die

12:8 Motto Restated

12:9 Epilogue