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Index of sections for T4T ECC

Intro:0 ECC (Headers)

1:1 Everything is mysterious

1:12 What the religious teacher found out about wisdom

2:1 Pleasure does not bring happiness

2:12 Being wise also seemed useless

2:18 Working hard seemed useless

3:1 There is a right time for everything

3:16 Injustices in the world

4:1 Other things that he found hard to understand/accept

4:13 When a poor young man becomes king

5:1 Be careful about making promises

5:8 Officials cheat each other

5:10 The futility of wealth

7:1 The best things in life

8:2 Obey the king

9:1 Everyone dies

9:13 Being wise is better than being foolish

11:1 Advice from nature

11:7 Youth and old age

12:9 The conclusion