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Index of sections for LEB 2SA

Intro:0 SA2 (Headers)

1:1 The Report of Saul’s Death by the Amalekite

1:17 David Laments Jonathan with the “Song of the Bow”

2:1 David Moves to Hebron

2:4 David Anointed King over Judah at Hebron

2:8 Ish-Bosheth over Israel

2:12 War between Judah and Israel

3:1 The House of David Grows Stronger

3:12 Abner Pledges Support for David

3:24 Joab Assassinates Abner

4:1 Ish-Bosheth is Assassinated

5:1 David Anointed as King over All of Israel

5:6 The Capture and Growth of Jerusalem

5:17 War with the Philistines

6:1 David Brings the Ark of Yahweh to Jerusalem

7:1 Yahweh Makes a Covenant with David

7:17 David Responds to Yahweh’s Covenant

8:1 David’s Military Victories Continue

9:1 David Cares for Mephibosheth

10:1 The Ammonites Refuse David’s Loyal Love

10:6 Israel Fights Ammon and Aram

10:15 The Arameans Regroup for Attack

11:1 David Commits Adultery with Bathsheba

12:1 Nathan Reproves David

12:13 David Repents, But the Child Dies

12:26 Battle with the Ammonites

13:1 Amnon Assaults His Sister Tamar

13:21 Absalom Kills Amnon

13:34 Absalom Flees

14:1 Joab Plots to Reconcile David with Absalom

14:23 Absalom Returns to Jerusalem

15:1 Absalom Leads a Rebellion

15:13 David Flees from Jerusalem

15:24 The Priests Offer Sacrifices for David

15:30 Hushai Offers to Serve King David

16:1 Ziba Brings Provisions

16:5 Shimei Curses David

16:15 Hushai Comes to Absalom

17:1 Hushai Frustrates the Counsel of Ahithophel

17:15 Hushai Sends Word to David

18:1 Absalom Dies in Battle

19:1 King David Weeps for Absalom

19:9 David Returns from Exile

20:1 Sheba Leads a Revolt

20:4 Joab Assassinates Amasa

20:14 Wisdom from a Woman under Siege

21:1 The Famine Brings Justice

21:15 Battles with the Philistines Recounted

22:1 The Victory Song of David

23:1 David Extols Yahweh

23:8 David’s Faithful Soldiers

23:24 The Mighty Men of David

24:1 David and the Census of the People