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Index of sections for T4T 2SA

Intro:0 SA2 (Headers)

1:1 David found out about Saul’s death

1:17 David’s song about Saul and Jonathan

2:1 David was appointed to be the king of Judah

2:8 Ishbosheth was appointed to be the king of Israel

2:12 The war between the armies of Judah and Israel

2:18 Joab’s brother Asahel was killed

3:2 David’s sons born at Hebron

3:6 Abner decided that David would be king of all of them

3:22 Joab murdered Abner

4:1 Ishbosheth was murdered

5:1 David became the king of all the Israeli tribes

5:6 David’s army captured Jerusalem

5:17 David’s army defeated the Philistines

6:1 They moved the sacred chest to Jerusalem

7:1 What God promised David

7:18 David gave thanks to God

8:1 David’s army won many victories

9:1 David was kind to Mephibosheth

10:1 David’s army defeated the Ammon people-group

11:1 David sinned with Bathsheba

12:1 Nathan rebuked David

12:15b David’s baby died

12:26 David’s army captured Rabbah

13:1 Amnon raped Absalom’s sister

14:1 Joab cleverly arranged for Absalom to return

15:1 Absalom rebelled against David

15:13 David escaped from Jerusalem

16:1 Ziba gave food to David and the others

16:5 Shimei cursed David

16:15 Ahithophel gave advice to Absalom

17:15 Hushai arranged for a report to be sent to David

18:1 David’s men prepared for the battle

18:6 Joab killed Absalom

18:19 The report of Absalom’s death reached David

19:1 Joab rebuked the king

19:8b The people of Israel and Judah wanted David to be their king again

19:41 The troops from Judah and Israel argued

20:1 Sheba rebelled against David

21:1 The people of Gibeon got revenge for what Saul did

21:15 The battles against the giants of Philistia

22:1 David’s song to praise Yahweh

23:1 David’s final message

23:8 David’s three greatest warriors

23:13 The 30 great warriors

23:18 The list of the great warriors

24:1 David ordered a census to be taken