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OET by section MARK 14:10

MARK 14:10–14:11 ©

Yudas offers to hand Yeshua over

This is still a very early look into the unfinished text of the Open English Translation of the Bible. Please double-check the text in advance before using in public.

Readers’ Version

Literal Version 

14:10 Yudas offers to hand Yeshua over

(Mat. 26:14-16, Luke 22:3-6)

10Then Yudas Iscariot, one of the Yeshua’s twelve trainees, visited the chief priests to offer to hand Yeshua over to them. 11When they heard this, they were very pleased and promised to pay him well, and Yudas asked them about the most convenient way for them to get hold of Yeshua.

10And Youdas/(Yəhūdāh) Iskariōtaʸs, the one of_the twelve, went_away to the chief_priests, in_order_that he_may_give_ him _over to_them.
11And they having_heard were_elated, and they_promised to_give silver to_him.
And he_was_seeking how he_may_give_ him _over conveniently.

MARK 14:10–14:11 ©