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Index of sections for LEB MARK

Intro:0 MRK (Headers)

1:1 John the Baptist Begins His Ministry

1:9 The Baptism of Jesus

1:12 The Temptation of Jesus

1:14 Public Ministry in Galilee

1:16 Jesus Calls His First Disciples

1:22 A Man with an Unclean Spirit Healed

1:29 Many at Capernaum Are Healed

1:35 Preaching Throughout Galilee

1:40 A Leper Cleansed

2:1 A Paralytic Healed

2:13 Levi Called to Follow Jesus

2:18 On Fasting

2:23 Plucking Grain on the Sabbath

3:1 A Man with a Withered Hand Healed

3:7 Jesus Heals Crowds by the Sea

3:13 The Selection of the Twelve Apostles

3:20 A House Divided Cannot Stand

3:31 Jesus’ Mother and Brothers

4:1 The Parable of the Sower

4:10 The Reason for the Parables

4:13 The Parable of the Sower Interpreted

4:21 The Parable of the Lamp

4:26 The Parable of the Seed that Grows by Itself

4:30 The Parable of the Mustard Seed

4:35 Calming of a Storm

5:1 A Demon-possessed Gerasene Healed

5:21 A Woman Healed and a Daughter Raised

6:1 Rejected at Nazareth

6:6b The Twelve Commissioned and Sent Out

6:14 Herod Kills John the Baptist

6:30 The Feeding of Five Thousand

6:45 Jesus Walks on the Water

6:53 Many Healed at Gennesaret

7:1 Human Traditions and God’s Commandments

7:14 Defilement from Within

7:24 A Syrophoenician Woman’s Great Faith

7:31 A Man Deaf and Unable to Speak Healed

8:1 The Feeding of Four Thousand

8:11 Pharisees Demand a Sign

8:14 Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees and Herod

8:22 A Blind Man Healed at Bethsaida

8:27 Peter’s Confession at Caesarea Philippi

8:31 Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection

8:34 Taking Up One’s Cross to Follow Jesus

9:2 The Transfiguration

9:14 A Demon-possessed Boy Healed

9:30 Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection a Second Time

9:33 The Question About Who Is Greatest

9:38 Whoever Is Not Against Us Is for Us

9:42 Temptations to Sin

10:1 On Divorce

10:13 Little Children Brought to Jesus

10:17 A Rich Young Man

10:32 Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection a Third Time

10:35 A Request by James and John

10:46 A Blind Man Healed at Jericho

11:1 The Triumphal Entry

11:12 A Barren Fig Tree Cursed

11:15 The Cleansing of the Temple

11:20 The Barren Fig Tree Withered

11:27 Jesus’ Authority Challenged

12:1 The Parable of the Tenant Farmers in the Vineyard

12:13 Paying Taxes to Caesar

12:18 A Question About Marriage and the Resurrection

12:28 The Greatest Commandment

12:35 David’s Son and Lord

12:38 Warning to Beware of the Scribes

12:41 A Poor Widow’s Offering

13:1 The Destruction of the Temple Predicted

13:3 Signs of the End of the Age

13:9 Persecution of Disciples Predicted

13:14 The Abomination of Desolation

13:24 The Arrival of the Son of Man

13:28 The Parable of the Fig Tree

13:32 The Unknown Day and Hour

14:1 The Chief Priests and Scribes Plot to Kill Jesus

14:3 Jesus’ Anointing at Bethany

14:10 Judas Arranges to Betray Jesus

14:12 Jesus’ Final Passover with the Disciples

14:22 The Lord’s Supper

14:27 Jesus Predicts Peter’s Denial

14:32 The Prayer in Gethsemane

14:43 The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus

14:53 Jesus Before the Sanhedrin

14:66 Peter Denies Jesus Three Times

15:1 Jesus Taken to Pilate

15:6 Pilate Releases Barabbas

15:16 Jesus Is Mocked

15:21 Jesus Is Crucified

15:33 Jesus Dies on the Cross

15:42 Jesus Is Buried

16:1 Jesus Is Raised

16:8b The Longer Ending of Mark