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This is still a very early look into the unfinished text of the Open English Translation of the Bible. Please double-check the text in advance before using in public.

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The account of Yeshua’s ministry by




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This account about the works and teachings of Yeshua was written by Mark, the son of a Jewish family who lived in Yerusalem. His mother was named Maria (Acts 12:12).

Many people think he was Yohan Mark, a cousin of Barnabas (Col. 4:10) who accompanied Paul on his first long-distance trip to spread the good message about Yeshua the messiah (Acts 12:25, 13:13). We also know that Mark accompanied Peter (1 Peter 5:13), and some consider that it might have been Peter who narrated to Mark what Yeshua had done and taught.

This account

This account seems to have been written for non-Jews, especially perhaps those familiar with Roman customs. So he didn’t use as much ink as Matthew or Luke explaining prophecies from the Jewish scriptures but he does however, take time to explain Jewish customs to help non-Jewish readers.

Mark explains here that Yeshua came to serve both God and the people, and he often refers to him as ‘humanity’s child’ (traditionally translated very literally from the Greek as the ‘Son of Man’). We can see that especially in 10:45: “Even humanity’s child didn’t come to be served, but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom to set many people free.” Mark wants his readers to know that Yeshua did incredible things, but especially focuses on his teaching. He confirms the power and authority of Yeshua by telling about the miracles that he did, his healing of the sick, and his exorcism of demons.

The ending of this account is often disputed, and scholars are still debating about whether or not the longer ending (16:9-20) is original. The OET includes the disputed longer ending, but displays it in a lighter colour to indicate its debatable status.

Main components of Mark’s account

Preparation for and arrival of the messiah 1:1-13

Yeshua’s activities in and around Galilee 1:14-9:50

The transition from Galilee to Yerusalem 10:1-52

The final week in Yerusalem 11:1-15:47

Yeshua comes back to life 16:1-20

This is still a very early look into the unfinished text of the Open English Translation of the Bible. Please double-check the text in advance before using in public.

1Here begins the good message about Yeshua the messiah—the son of God:

1The_beginning of_the good_message of_Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) chosen_one/messiah, son of_god.

1:2 The ministry of Yohan the immerser (The return of ‘Eliyah’)

(Mat. 3:1-12, Luke 3:1-18, Jhn. 1:19-28)

2The prophet Isayah wrote:[ref]

See, I am sending my messenger to you,

the one who will be preparing your path.

3[ref]The voice out in the wilderness shouting,

‘Get the path ready for the master;

Make it smooth for him to travel on.’ ”

4Yohan turned up in the wilderness announcing that people should get immersed in water in order to show that their sins have been forgiven. 5And many from the Yudean region and from the city of Yerusalem went out to hear him, and they confessed their sins and asked Yohan to immerse them in the Yordan river.

6[ref]Yohan was dressed in simple clothes made from camel hair with a leather belt around his waist, and he lived on locusts and wild honey. 7And he also announced, “There’s a greater man coming soon—in fact I’m not even good enough to bend down and untie his sandals. 8I immersed you in water, but he will immerse you all in God’s holy spirit.”

2As it_has_been_written in the Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) the prophet:
Behold, I_am_sending_out the messenger of_me before the_face of_you, who will_be_preparing the way of_you.
3The_voice of_a_shouting one in the wilderness prepare the way of_the_master, be_making the paths of_him straight.
4Yōannaʸs became the one immersing in the wilderness, and proclaiming a_immersion of_repentance for forgiveness of_sins.
5And all the Youdaia region and all of_the ones_from_Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālam) was_going_out to him and they_were_being_immersed by him in the Yordanaʸs/(Yarəddēn) river, confessing the sins of_them.
6And the Yōannaʸs was having_dressed_in hairs of_a_camel, and a_ leather _belt around the waist of_him, and eating locusts and wild honey.
7And he_was_proclaiming saying:
The one mightier than me is_coming after me, of_whom I_am not worthy having_bent_down, to_untie the strap of_the sandals of_him.
8I immersed you_all in_water, but he will_be_immersing you_all the_ holy _spirit.

1:9 Yeshua gets immersed and then tempted

(Mat. 3:13–4:11, Luke 3:21-22)

9(Figure skipped)Then one day Yeshua came from Nazareth in the Galilee region, and he got immersed in the Yordan river by Yohan. 10As Yeshua came up out of the water, he saw the sky being opened up, and God’s spirit coming down on him like a dove. 11[ref]And a voice came from the sky saying, “You are my son who I love and am pleased with.”

12And then the spirit sent him into the wilderness 13where he was tested by Satan for forty days. He was out there with the wild animals, but messengers waited on him there.

9And it_became in those the days, Yaʸsous came from Nazaret of_ the _Galilaia/(Gālīl), and he_was_immersed in the Yordanaʸs by Yōannaʸs.
10And immediately going_up from the water, he_saw the heavens being_divided, and the spirit as a_dove coming_down on him.
11And a_voice became out_of the heavens:
You are the the beloved son of_me, I_took_pleasure in you.
12And immediately the spirit is_sending_ him _forth into the wilderness.
13And he_was in the wilderness forty days being_tempted by the Satan/(Sāţān), and he_was with the wild_beasts, and the messengers were_serving unto_him.

1:14 The selection of the first followers / apprentices

(Mat. 4:12-22, Luke 4:14-15)

14After Yohan had been arrested, Yeshua went back up to Galilee announcing the good news from God 15[ref]saying, “The promised time is here, and God’s kingdom is now near. Turn from your sins and believe this good news.

16As he went around the lake of Galilee, Yeshua saw two fishermen, Simon and his brother Andrew throwing a net into the lake. 17And he said to them, “Come with me and I will make you into fishermen of people.18And so they left their fishing work and went off with Yeshua.

19Then a bit further on he saw two of Zebedee’s sons, Yacob and his brother Yohan, in a boat getting their nets ready. 20Yeshua called them and they too went off with him, leaving their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired workers.

14And after the Yōannaʸs which to_be_given_over, the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) came into the Galilaia, proclaiming the good_message of_ the _god 15and saying, that The time has_been_fulfilled and the kingdom of_ the _god has_neared, be_repenting and be_believing in the good_message.
16And passing_by by the sea of_ the _Galilaia, he_saw Simōn and Andreas the brother of_Simōn throwing a_net in the sea for they_were fishermen.
17And the Yaʸsous said to_them:
Come after me, and I_will_be_making you_all to_become fishermen of_people.
18And immediately having_left their nets, they_followed after_him.
19And having_advanced little, he_saw Yakōbos/(Yaˊaqov) the son of_ the _Zebedaios and Yōannaʸs the brother of_him, also them in the boat preparing the nets.
20And immediately he_called them.
And having_left Zebedaios the father of_them in the boat with the hired_hands, they_went_away after him.

1:21 Yeshua drives out a demon

(Luke 4:31-37)

21They went on into Capernaum where he went into the meeting hall and began teaching as soon as the rest day started. 22[ref]The congregation was amazed at his teaching, because he taught with authority, not like the regular teachers there.

23Then a demon-possessed man in the meeting hall suddenly yelled out, 24“What are we to you, Yeshua of Nazareth? You’ve come to destroy us. I know that you’re God’s holy one.”

25But Yeshua scolded it, saying, “Keep quiet!”, and, “Come out of him!

26Then the demon threw the man into a convulsion, cried out loudly, and left him. 27Everyone was astounded and asked each other, “What just happened? We haven’t heard anything like this before—he has authority to command demons, and they obey him!”

28And the news about Yeshua spread all over the entire region of Galilee.

21And they_are_entering_in into Kafarnaʼoum.
And immediately on_the days_of_rest, having_come_in into the synagogue, he_was_teaching.
22And they_were_being_astonished at the teaching of_him, because/for he_was teaching them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.
23And immediately a_man with a_ unclean _spirit was in the synagogue of_them, and he_cried_out 24saying:
What to_us and to_you, Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) Nazaraʸnos?
You_came to_destroy us?
I_have_known who you are, the holy one of_ the _god.
25And the Yaʸsous gave_rebuke to_him saying:
Be_silenced and come_out out_of him.
26And the the unclean spirit having_convulsed him and having_called with_a_ loud _voice, it_came_out from him.
27And all were_amazed, so_as to_be_debating them saying:
What is this?
A_ new _teaching, he_is_commanding even to_the the unclean spirits with authority, and they_are_submitting to_him.
28And the report of_him came_out immediately everywhere into all the surrounding_region of_ the _Galilaia/(Gālīl).

1:29 Yeshua heals many others

(Mat. 8:14-17, Luke 4:38-41)

29After leaving the meeting hall, Yeshua went into the home of Simon and Andrew, along with Yacob and Yohan. 30Inside, Simon’s mother-in-law was lying down with a fever, and the others spoke to Yeshua about her. 31When he went up to her, and took hold of her hand and helped her up, the fever left her and she prepared something for them to eat.

32That evening when the sun set, the people brought all those who were sick or demon-possessed to Yeshua. 33It seemed like the entire town had gathered there outside the front door. 34Yeshua healed many who were sick from a range of diseases, and he commanded many demons to leave—not allowing them to speak because they knew that he was the messiah.

29And immediately having_come_out out_of the synagogue, he_came into the house of_Simōn and Andreas, with Yakōbos/(Yaˊaqov) and Yōannaʸs.
30And the mother_in_law of_Simōn was_lying being_feverish, and immediately they_are_speaking to_him about her.
31And having_approached, having_taken_hold of_her hand, he_raised her.
And the fever left her, and she_was_serving unto_them.
32And having_become evening when the sun set, they_were_bringing all the ones being sickly and the ones being_demon_possessed to him.
33And all the city was having_been_gathered_together at the door.
34And he_healed many being sickly of_various diseases, and he_throw_out many demons, and he_was_ not _allowing the demons to_be_speaking because they_had_known him to_be chosen_one/messiah.

1:35 Yeshua prays before going preaching

(Luke 4:42-44)

35In the small hours of the morning, Yeshua got up and went out to a quiet place and prayed there. 36But Simon and the others came looking for him, 37and when they found him they said, “Everyone’s looking for you!”

38And Yeshua answered, “Well, we’ll be going into the other villages around here, so that I can also tell them. That’s what I came here for.39[ref]Then he went preaching in all their meeting halls in Galilee and driving out demons.

35And exceedingly early in_the_night, having_risen_up he_came_out and went_away into a_ desolate _place, and_there he_was_praying.
36And Simōn and the ones with him searched_for him, 37and they_found him and they_are_saying to_him, that All are_seeking you.
38And he_is_saying to_them:
We_may_be_going elsewhere into the neighboring villages, in_order_that also there I_may_proclaim, because/for I_came_out for this reason.
39And he_came proclaiming in the synagogues of_them in all the Galilaia/(Gālīl), and throwing_out the demons.

1:40 Yeshua heals a man with leprosy

(Mat. 8:1-4, Luke 5:12-16)

40A man with leprosy came to Yeshua asking him, “I know that you could heal me if you wanted to.”

41Yeshua felt compassion for him, reached out his hand and touched him, and said, “Yes, I will. Get well.42Then immediately the leprosy disappeared and he was well again. 43So Yeshua sent him away, but warned him: 44[ref]Don’t talk to anyone—just go to the priest and show him that you’re well, and as a testimony of that, make the offering that Moses commanded.

45But after the man left, he started telling lots of people and spreading the news—so much so that Yeshua could no longer come into the town but had to stay out in quieter places, and people kept coming to him.

40And a_leper is_coming to him, imploring him, saying to_him, that If you_may_be_willing, you_are_being_able to_cleanse me.
41And having_been_feeling_compassion, having_stretched_out the hand of_him, he_touched and is_saying to_him:
I_am_willing, be_cleansed.
42And immediately the leprosy went_away from him, and he_was_cleansed.
43And having_admonished to_him, immediately sent_ him _forth, 44and he_is_saying to_him:
Be_seeing, you_may_speak to_no_one, nothing, but be_going, show yourself to_the priest and offer for the cleansing of_you which Mōsaʸs/(Mosheh) commanded, because/for a_testimony to_them.
45But he having_come_out began to_be_proclaiming much and to_be_spreading_abroad the message, so_that no_longer him to_be_able to_come_ openly _in into the_city, but he_was outside in desolate places and they_were_coming to him on_every_side.

2:1 Yeshua heals a paralysed man

(Mat. 9:1-8, Luke 5:17-26)

2When Yeshua came back to Capernaum after a few days, people soon heard that he was back in the house. 2And so many people turned up there that there wasn’t any room left—not even in the doorway. Inside, Yeshua was explaining the Scriptures to them. 3Four men arrived, carrying a paralysed man to Yeshua, 4but because of the crowd, they were unable to get close. So they climbed up onto the flat roof, made a hole through it, and lowered the paralysed man lying on a pallet. 5Yeshua, observing their faith, said to the man, “Son, your sins are forgiven![fn]

6But some of the religious teachers were sitting there, thinking to themselves, 7“Why’s he talking like that? He’s seriously insulting God. There’s only one who can forgive sins, and that’s God himself.”

8Then Yeshua, knowing in his spirit that they are thinking like that, said to them, “Why are you thinking that to yourselves? 9Which is easier: to tell the paralysed man that his sins have been forgiven, or to tell him to pick up his bedding and walk? 10But so you all can see that humanity’s child does have authority here on the earth to forgive sins,” he turned and said to the paralysed man, 11Listen. Get up, take your bedding, and go home!

12So the man stood up, and picked up his bedding, and went out of the house where everyone saw him and marvelled and praised God saying, “We’ve never seen anything happen like this before!”

2And having_come_in again into Kafarnaʼoum through days, it_was_heard that he_is in the_house.
2And many were_gathered_together so_that no_longer to_be_having_room, not even which at the door, and he_was_speaking the message to_them.
3And they_are_coming bringing a_paralytic to him, being_carried by four.
4And not being_able to_bring to_him because_of the crowd, they_unroofed the roof where he_was, and having_dug_ it _out, they_are_lowering the pallet where the paralytic was_lying.
5And the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) having_seen the faith of_them, he_is_saying to_the paralytic:
Child, the sins of_you have_been_forgiven.
6But some of_the scribes were there, sitting and reasoning in the hearts of_them, 7Why is_ this man _speaking thus?
Who is_able to_be_forgiving sins, except not/lest one, the god?
8And the Yaʸsous immediately having_known in_the spirit of_him that they_are_reasoning thus in themselves, he_is_saying to_them:
Why these things you_all_are_reasoning in the hearts of_you_all?
9Which is easier, to_say to_the paralytic:
The sins have_been_forgiven to_you.
or to_say:
Be_raising and take_up the pallet of_you and be_walking?
10But in_order_that you_all_may_have_known that the son of_ the _man is_having authority on the earth to_be_forgiving sins, (he_is_saying to_the paralytic), 11To_you I_am_saying, be_raising, take_up the pallet of_you, and be_going to the home of_you.
12And he_was_raised, and immediately having_taken_up the pallet, he_came_out before all so_as all to_be_marvelling and to_be_glorifying the god saying, that We_ never _saw thus.

2:13 The calling of Levi (Matthew)

(Mat. 9:9-13, Luke 5:27-32)

13Yeshua went out beside the lake where crowds of people kept coming to him and he taught them. 14And as he was passing by the tax office, he saw Levi Alphaeus sitting there and said to him, “Come along with me.” So Levi stood up and followed Yeshua.

15Yeshua ended up having a meal at Levi’s place, and many other tax collectors and undesirables were sitting there also, along with Yeshua’s followers, because by then many were following him around. 16And the teachers from the Pharisee party noticed that Yeshua was eating beside undesirables and tax-collectors. So they asked his followers, “How come he eats with tax-collectors and other low-life?”

17And overhearing them, Yeshua said, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor—it’s the sick ones that do. I didn’t come here to help those who think they have no needs, but to call sinners.

13And he_came_out again beside the sea, and all the crowd was_coming to him, and he_was_teaching them.
14And passing_by, he_saw Leui/(Lēvī) the son of_ the _Alfaios sitting at the tax_office, and is_saying to_him:
Be_following after_me.
And having_risen_up, he_followed after_him.
15And is_becoming him to_be_reclining in the house of_him, and many tax_collectors and sinners were_reclining the with_Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) and the apprentices/followers of_him, because/for they_were many and they_were_following after_him.
16And the scribes of_the Farisaios_party, having_seen that he_is_eating with the sinners and the tax_collectors, they_were_saying to_the apprentices/followers of_him, that he_is_eating with the tax_collectors and sinners?
17And having_heard, the Yaʸsous is_saying to_them:
The ones being_strong are_ not _having need of_a_doctor, but the ones being sickly.
I_came not to_call the_righteous, but sinners.

2:18 The question of fasting

(Mat. 9:14-17, Luke 5:33-39)

18Now the followers of Yohan-the-Immerser and members of the Pharisees regularly fasted. So a small group came to Yeshua and asked, “How come Yohan’s followers and the Pharisee party fast regularly, yet your followers don’t?”

19And Yeshua answered, “Can the friends of the groom fast when they’re celebrating along with him? No, as long as he’s still there, they won’t be fasting. 20But in the future, the groom will be taken away from them, and then they’ll be fasting.

21No one sews a patch of new, unshrunken cloth onto an old garment, because the new patch will tear away from that old fabric and it will end up as a worse tear. 22And no one puts new wine into old wineskins, because the wine will burst the already stretched wineskins, and then both the wine and the wineskins will be destroyed. New wine must be put into new wineskins.

18And the apprentices/followers of_Yōannaʸs and the Farisaios_party were fasting.
And they_are_coming and they_are_saying to_him:
For/Because_ why _reason the apprentices/followers of_Yōannaʸs and the apprentices/followers of_the Farisaios_party are_fasting, but the your apprentices/followers are_ not _fasting?
19And the Yaʸsous said to_them:
The sons of_the bridal_chamber in which the bridegroom is with them are_ not _being_able to_be_fasting?
As_long_as time they_are_having the bridegroom with them, are_ not _being_able to_be_fasting.
20But days will_be_coming whenever the bridegroom may_be_taken_away from them, and then they_will_be_fasting in that the day.
21No_one is_sewing_on a_patch of_ unshrunken _cloth on a_ old _garment, and if not the patch is_tearing_away from it, the new from_the old, and is_becoming a_worse tear.
22And no_one is_putting new wine into old wineskins, and if not the wine will_be_bursting the wineskins, and the wine and the wineskins is_being_destroyed.
But new wine is placeable into new wineskins.

2:23 Working on the Rest Day

(Mat. 12:1-8, Luke 6:1-5)

23[ref]And it so happened that Yeshua and his followers passed through some fields of grain on some days of rest. As they went through, they plucked off some heads of grain. 24And some members of the Pharisee party said, “It’s breaking the law to harvest grain on a rest day!”

25And Yeshua replied, “You’ve read yourselves what David did when him and his men were hungry. 26[ref]They went into God’s tent and ate the holy bread representing the presence of God. Only the priests were allowed to eat that, and yet David even gave some to his men!27And he told the Pharisees, “The days of rest were created for people, not people for the rest days. 28So I, humanity’s child, have authority also over the day of rest.

23And it_became him on the days_of_rest to_be_passing_through through the grainfields, and the apprentices/followers of_him began to_be_making way, plucking the heads_of_grain.
24And the Farisaios_party were_saying to_him:
Behold, why they_are_doing on_the days_of_rest what it_is_ not _permitting?
25And he_is_saying to_them:
You_all_ never _read what Dawid/(Dāvid) did, when he_had need and he and the ones with him hungered?
26How he_came_in into the house of_ the _god during Abiathar/(ʼEvəyātār) the_chief_priest, and ate the bread of_the presence, which it_is_ not _permitting to_eat except not/lest the priests, and he_gave even to_the ones being with him?
, 27And he_was_saying to_them:
The day_of_rest became because_of the person, and not the person because_of the day_of_rest.
28So_then the son of_ the _man is master also of_the day_of_rest.

3:1 The man with the curled-up hand

(Mat. 12:9-14, Luke 6:6-11)

3And again another time, Yeshua went to the meeting hall and there was a man there with a curled-up hand. 2The religious leaders there were watching him closely to see if he would heal the man on the rest day, and then if he did, they would have a case against him. 3Then Yeshua said to the man with the flawed hand, “Stand up there in the middle.4And he asked the leaders, “Is it allowable to do good on the rest day, or only to do evil? To save life, or to kill?” But they didn’t reply.

5After angrily looking around at them, grieving at their complete lack of compassion, he said to the man, “Open up your hand!6The man stretched out his fingers, and his hand became totally normal. But the Pharisees quickly left, and meeting with King Herod’s supporters, they conspired to kill Yeshua.

3And he_came_in again into the_synagogue, and a_man was there having the hand having_been_withered.
2And they_were_watching_ him _closely, whether he_will_be_healing him on_the days_of_rest, in_order_that they_may_accuse against_him.
3And he_is_saying to_the man which having the withered hand:
Be_raising in the midst.
4And he_is_saying to_them:
Is_it_permitting on_the days_of_rest to_do_good or to_do_evil, to_save life or to_kill_off?
But they were_keeping_silent.
5And having_looked_around them with anger, grieving at the hardening of_the heart of_them, he_is_saying to_the man:
Stretch_out the hand of_you.
And he_stretched_out it, and the hand of_him was_restored.
6And the Farisaios_party having_come_out, immediately they_produced counsel with the supporters_of_Haʸrōdaʸs against him, so_that they_may_destroy him.

3:7 Big crowds press on Yeshua

7After that, Yeshua withdrew towards the lake with his followers, and a huge crowd of people from the regions of both Galilee and down in Yudea, 8along with others from Yerusalem, Idumea, from across the Yordan River, and from up near Tyre and Tsidon. They came because they had heard about the amazing things he had done. 9[ref]So Yeshua asked his apprentices to organise a small boat to be there for him so he wouldn’t be cramped by the press of the crowd. 10Virtually anyone who had any physical issues was pressing towards him to touch him, because he had already healed so many. 11And the demons, whenever they saw Yeshua, they fell down to the ground in front of him and yelled out, “You are God’s son!” 12But he regularly warned them not to reveal who he was.

7And the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) withdrew to the sea with the apprentices/followers of_him, and a_great multitude from the Galilaia/(Gālīl) and from the Youdaia followed, 8and from Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim), and from the Idoumaia, and beyond the Yordanaʸs/(Yarəddēn), and around Turos/(Tsor) and Sidōn/(Tsīdōn), a_ great _multitude hearing as_much_as he_was_doing, came to him.
9And he_told to_the apprentices/followers of_him that a_little_boat may_be_continuing with_him because_of the crowd, in_order_that they _may_ not _be_crowding him.
10For/Because he_healed many, so_that as_many_as were_having afflictions to_be_pressing_on on_him, in_order_that may_touch against_him.
11And the the unclean spirits, whenever they_were_observing him, they_were_falling_before to_him and were_crying_out saying, that You are the son of_ the _god.
12And he_was_warning much to_them that they_may_ not _make him manifest.

3:13 Yeshua appoints his twelve representatives

(Mat. 10:1-4, Luke 6:12-16)

13As Yeshua started climbing up a hill, he called the followers that he had selected, and they went off with him. 14He appointed twelve of them as his representatives so that they could stick with him and be sent off to be proclaiming his message 15and to also have authority to exorcise demons.

16These are the twelve that he appointed: Simon (but he appended the name “Peter”), 17Yacob and his brother Yohan who were Zebedee’s sons (and he nicknamed them the “sons of thunder”), 18Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, Yacob Alphaeus, Thaddeus, Simon from Canaan, 19and Yudas Iscariot who later betrayed him.

13And he_is_going_up on the mountain and is_calling_to whom he was_wanting, and they_went_away to him.
14And he_established twelve which also he_named ambassadors, in_order_that they_may_be with him and in_order_that he_may_be_sending_ them _out to_be_proclaiming 15and to_be_having authority to_be_throwing_out the demons.
16And he_established the twelve:
and he_added_on the_name Petros to_ the _Simōn, 17and Yakōbos/(Yaˊaqov) the son of_the Zebedaios, and Yōannaʸs the brother the of_Yakōbos, and he_added_on to_them the_names Boanerges, which is sons of_thunder, 18and Andreas, and Filippos, and Bartholomaios, and Matthaios, and Thōmas, and Yakōbos the son of_ the _Alfaios, and Thaddaios, and Simōn the member_of_Kananitaʸs, 19and Youdas/(Yəhūdāh) Iskariōtaʸs, who also gave_ him _over.

3:20 The two opposing spiritual powers

(Mat. 12:22-32, Luke 11:14-23)

20Then Yeshua was approaching a house, but the crowd swarmed them again so they had no opportunity to eat. 21The ones with him heard all the noise and came to get him, because they were wondering if he was crazy.

22[ref]The religious teachers had come up from Yerusalem and were complaining, “He’s possessed by the prince of demons. He can command them because he rules them!”

23But Yeshua addressed them: “How could Satan command himself? 24If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom could never prosper. 25If a household is divided against itself, that family will never prosper. 26So if Satan attacked himself and was split, he couldn’t possibly be powerful, but his time would be over.

27On the contrary, no one can enter a strong man’s house to clean out his possessions unless he first ties up that strong man—after that he can work on the goods.

28Honestly, I assure you that any sin of a person can be forgiven, no matter how much they curse God. 29[ref]But anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven, but is eternally responsible for their sin.30(He said this because they were saying that he was demon-possessed.)

20And he_is_coming to a_house, and the crowd is_coming_together again, so_that them to_ not _be_able to_ not _eat bread.
21And the ones with him having_heard it, they_came_out to_apprehend him for they_were_saying that He_flipped_out.
22And the scribes, which having_come_down from Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim) were_saying, he_is_having that Beʼelzeboul, and, that He_is_throwing_out the demons by the ruler of_the demons.
23And having_called_to them, he_was_saying to_them in parables:
How is_ Satan/(Sāţān) _able to_be_throwing_out Satan?
24And if a_kingdom may_be_divided against itself, that the kingdom is_ not _able to_be_established.
25And if a_house may_be_divided against itself, that the house will_ not _be_able to_be_established.
26And if the Satan rose_up against himself and was_divided, he_is_ not _able to_stand, but is_having an_end.
27But no_one is_ not _able having_come_in into the house of_the strong man to_thoroughly_plunder the goods of_him, if not first he_may_bind the strong man, and then he_will_be_thoroughly_plundering the house of_him.
28Truly, I_am_saying to_you_all that all the sins will_be_being_forgiven to_the sons of_ the _men, and as_many_as the slander if they_may_slander.
29But wishfully whoever may_slander against the the holy spirit, is_ not _having forgiveness to the eternity, but is liable of_eternal sin, 30because they_were_saying:
He_is_having a_ unclean _spirit.

3:31 Yeshua’s mother and brothers arrive

(Mat. 12:46-50, Luke 8:19-21)

31Now Yeshua’s mother and brothers came and were standing outside and asked someone to tell him that they were there. 32Some in the crowd sitting around him told Yeshua that his mother and brothers were waiting outside for him.

33But Yeshua answered, “Who is my mother and who are my brothers?34And having looked around at the people sitting here, he said, “Actually, you all are my mother and my brothers. 35Anyone who obeys God, that person is my brother and my sister and my mother.

31And the mother of_him and the brothers of_him are_coming and standing outside, they_sent_out to him calling him.
32And the_crowd was_sitting around him and, they_are_saying to_him:
Behold, the mother of_you and the brothers of_you, are_seeking you outside.
33And answering to_them he_is_saying:
Who is the mother of_me and the brothers of_me?
34And having_looked_around the ones around him sitting around, he_is_saying:
Behold, the mother of_me and the brothers of_me.
35For/Because whoever wishfully may_do the will of_ the _god, this one is the_brother of_me and the_sister and the_mother.

4:1 The parable about planting seed

(Mat. 13:1-9, Luke 8:4-8)

4[ref]Again Yeshua started teaching by the edge of the lake. A huge crowd gathered around him, but he had boarded the boat floating in the water, and all the people were there on the land. 2And he taught them many different things in parables, including this one: 3Listen. Once there was a farmer who went to spread some seed. 4As he spread it, some landed on the path, and the birds came and feed on it. 5Some landed on a rocky part without a lot of soil, and it quickly sprouted in the warm, shallow soil, 6but when the sun came up, it dried out because the roots weren’t deep, and so it just withered up. 7Some of the seed landed in a thistle patch, and the thistles grew and choked it out, so the plants never bore a crop. 8But some seed landed in fertile soil and it bore a harvest—some of it multiplying thirty times, some sixty, and some a hundred times.

9Then Yeshua added, “Anyone who wants to understand, let them consider it.

4And again he_began to_be_teaching beside the sea.
And a_ very_great _crowd is_being_gathered_together to him, so_that him having_boarded into the boat, to_be_sitting in the sea, and all the crowd were on the land to the sea.
2And he_was_teaching them many things in parables, and was_saying to_them in the teaching of_him, 3Be_hearing.
Behold, the one sowing came_out to_sow.
4And it_became at the time to_be_sowing, some indeed fell along the road, and the birds came and devoured it.
5And other fell on the rocky place and where it_was_ not _having much soil, and immediately sprang_up because_of the to_ not _be_having depth of_soil, 6and when the sun rose, it_was_scorched and because_of the depth to_be_having no root, it_was_withered.
7And other fell among the thorns, and the thorns went_up and choked it and it_ not _gave fruit.
8And others fell on the the good soil, and it_was_giving fruit, going_up and being_grown, and it_was_bearing in thirty, and in sixty, and in a_hundred.
9And he_was_saying:
Who is_having ears to_be_hearing, let_him_be_hearing.

4:10 Why Yeshua speaks in parables

(Mat. 13:10-17, Luke 8:9-10)

10And when the crowd had left, the twelve apprentices asked him about the parables. 11And he told them, “You’ve been given understanding about God’s kingdom, but for others, they’ll get it in parables

12[ref]so that when they look they might see but not perceive,

and when they listen, they might hear but not understand,

otherwise they might turn from their sins and be forgiven.

10And when he_became down/against/according_to alone, they with the twelve about him were_asking him the parables.
11And he_was_saying to_them:
The mystery of_the kingdom of_ the _god has_been_given to_you_all, but to_those who are outside, all the things is_becoming in parables, 12in_order_that seeing, they_may_be_seeing and may_ not _perceive, and hearing, they_may_be_hearing and may_ not _be_understanding, lest they_may_turn_back and it_may_be_forgiven to_them.

4:13 Explaining about the ground where the seed fell

(Mat. 13:18-23, Luke 8:11-15)

13Then Yeshua said to them, “If you didn’t understand this parable, how will you understand any others? 14The one spreading seed is spreading the good message. 15And there are some along the path where the good message is being spread, who hear, but Satan turns up immediately and snatches the message from them. 16And similarly, there’s some that falls onto rocky places where the people who hear the good message happily accept it, 17but don’t make strong roots, just temporary changes. So when they get mocked or attacked about accepting the good message, they quickly stumble. 18Others are the ones where the seed was spread among the thistles. They heard the good message, 19but contemporary topics, or the lure of money, or the appetite for other things choke their good intentions and the message becomes unfruitful in them. 20But lastly, the seed that landed on the good soil represents the people who hear the good message, accept it and are fruitful thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times over.

13And he_is_saying to_them:
You_all_have_ not _known the this parable, and how will_you_all_be_knowing all the parables?
14The one sowing is_sowing the message.
15And these are the ones along the road where the message is_being_sown, and whenever they_may_hear, the Satan/(Sāţān) immediately is_coming and is_carrying the message which having_been_sown in them.
16And these are likewise the ones being_sown on the rocky places, who whenever they_may_hear the message, are_receiving it immediately with joy, 17and they_are_ not _having root in themselves, but are temporary, thereafter tribulation or persecution having_become because_of the message, immediately they_are_being_stumbled.
18And others are the ones being_sown among the thorns, these are the ones having_heard the message, 19and the worries of_the age, and the seduction of_the riches, and the desires for the other things entering_in, are_choking the message and it_is_becoming unfruitful.
20And those are the ones having_been_sown on the the good soil, who are_hearing the message and are_accepting it and are_bearing_fruit, in thirty, and in sixty, and in a_hundred.

4:21 The light will shine on everything

(Luke 8:16-18)

21[ref]And Yeshua told them, “Obviously no one goes and gets a lamp, and then puts it under a basket or under the bed, but rather places it somewhere higher on a stand. 22[ref]You see, nothing is hidden that won’t eventually be disclosed, and there’s no secret that won’t eventually be revealed. 23Anyone who wants to understand, let them listen carefully.

24[ref]And he continued, “Take care what you listen to. Because how much you judge others, so too will judgement be handed out to you, and even more. 25[ref]Anyone who has faith will be given a reward, but if you have none, even the little you have will be taken away.

21And he_was_saying to_them:
Surely_not the lamp is_coming, in_order_that it_may_be_put under the basket or under the bed?
Not in_order_that it_may_be_put on the lampstand?
22For/Because there_is not hidden, if not in_order_that it_may_be_revealed, and_not it_became a_secret, but in_order_that it_may_come to manifest.
23If anyone is_having ears to_be_hearing, let_him_be_hearing.
24And he_was_saying to_them:
Be_watching_out what you_all_are_hearing.
With what measure you_all_are_measuring, it_will_be_being_measured to_you_all and it_will_be_being_added to_you_all.
25For/Because whoever is_having, it_will_be_being_given to_him, and who is_ not _having, even what he_is_having will_be_being_taken_away from him.

4:26 The parable concerning the seed

26And then, “God’s kingdom is like a person throwing some seed onto the ground. 27Whether the person sleeps at night or stays up night and day, the seed will sprout and grow either way, and they don’t know how it does it. 28The earth is designed to multiply the seed: first a sprout appears, then a bigger plant, and then the full head of grain. 29[ref]And when it’s ripe, then the harvester is sent in because it’s ready for harvest.

26And he_was_saying:
Thus is the kingdom of_ the _god:
as a_man may_throw the seed on the earth, 27and he_may_be_sleeping and may_be_being_raised night and day, and the seed may_be_sprouting and may_be_growing, he has_ not _known how.
28The earth is_bearing_fruit automatic:
first a_blade, thereafter a_head_of_grain, thereafter full grain in the head_of_grain.
29But whenever it_may_give_over the fruit, immediately he_is_sending_out the sickle because the harvest has_presented.

4:30 The small seed produces a large result

(Mat. 13:31-32, Luke 13:18-19)

30Again he said, “What could we like God’s kingdom to? Or what parable could we explain it with? 31It’s like planting a mustard seed in the ground—a very small seed. 32But when it’s planted and grows up, it forms a large bush with many branches so that birds can rest in its shade.

33And so as much as they could handle it, Yeshua shared the good message with them via many similar word pictures. 34He never spoke without these illustrations, but he explained all of them to his close followers.

30And he_was_saying:
How may_we_liken the kingdom of_ the _god, or with what parable may_we_present it?
31As to_a_seed of_mustard, which whenever it_may_be_sown on the earth, being smaller than all the seeds which on the earth, 32and whenever it_may_be_sown, is_going_up and is_becoming greater than all the garden_plants, and is_producing great branches, so_that the birds of_the sky to_be_able to_be_nesting under the shadow of_it.
33And with_ many _such parables, he_was_speaking the message to_them, as they_were_able to_be_hearing, 34and he_was_ not _speaking without parable to_them, by but himself to_his own apprentices/followers, he_was_explaining all things.

4:35 Yeshua halts the storm on the lake

(Mat. 8:23-27, Luke 8:22-25)

35It was already becoming evening on that day, so Yeshua said to his apprentices, “Let’s all go across to the other shore.36So they left the crowd behind and got into the boat with him. 37Out in the lake a big storm came up with strong winds, and the waves started breaking across the boat and filling it. 38But Yeshua slept on in the back, sleeping on a cushion. They woke him and cried, “Teacher, don’t you care that we’re all about to drown?”

39Now awake, Yeshua scolded the wind and waves, “Quieten down! Stop that!” Then the wind died down and the water became very calm. 40And turning back to them he asked, “Why were you all so afraid? Don’t you have any faith yet?

41But now they were very afraid again and asked each other, “Who could this man be that both the wind and waves obey him?”

35And he_is_saying to_them on that the day having_become evening:
We_may_pass_through to the side across.
36And having_sent_away the crowd, they_are_taking him as he_was in the boat.
And other boats was with him.
37And a_storm of_ great _wind is_becoming, and the waves was_breaking_down into the boat, so_that already the boat to_be_being_filled.
38And he was in the stern, sleeping on the cushion.
And they_are_awaking him and are_saying to_him:
Teacher, is_ not _caring to_you that we_are_perishing?
39And having_been_awoke, he_gave_rebuke to_the wind and said to_the sea:
Be_keeping_silent, be_silenced.
And the wind died_down and became a_ great _calm.
40And he_said to_them:
Why are_you_all fearful?
You_all_are_ not_yet _having faith?
41And they_were_afraid with_ great _fear and they_were_saying to one_another:
Who consequently is this, that both the wind and the sea is_submitting to_him?

5:1 Yeshua sends the demons into the pigs

(Mat. 8:28-34, Luke 8:26-39)

5So they got safely to the region of Gerasenes on the other side of the lake. 2As Yeshua climbed out of the boat, a demon-possessed man came out of the tombs to meet him. 3He lived in those tombs, and no one could tie him up, not even with chains, 4because he had often been tied up in the past with shackles and chains but had always pulled the chains apart and smashed the shackles, and no one was able to subdue him. 5All through the day and night, whether in the tombs or up in the hills, he was yelling out and hurting himself with stones.

6So when he had seen Yeshua in the distance, he ran and as a sign of honour fell to the ground in front of him. 7Then he called out very loudly, “What will happen between us, Yeshua, the son of the highest God? I beg you in God’s name not to torment me.” 8Because Yeshua had already started saying, “Come out of the man you ungodly spirit!

9Yeshua asked, “What’s your name?

The man answered, “My name is ‘Thousands’ because there’s many of us,” 10and he begged Yeshua not to send them out of the country.

11It just so happened that there was a large herd of pigs being fed on the hill nearby 12and they begged Yeshua again saying, “Send us to the pigs so that we can enter them.” 13Yeshua agreed to that, so the ungodly spirits came out of the man, went into the pigs, and the entire herd of some two thousand pigs rushed down the steep bank into the sea and were drowned.

14The ones who had been feeding them rushed off and spread the news around in the city and the surrounding area. So the people hurried out to see what had happened. 15When they arrived where Yeshua was, they saw the man who had been demon-possessed fully-clothed and sitting there in full control of his senses. They knew it was the man called ‘Thousands’ and they became frightened. 16Those who had seen it all happen described it all to the people—what had happened both to the demon-possessed man and to the pigs.

17So then the people began asking Yeshua to go away from their region.

18As Yeshua was climbing back into the boat, the man who had been demon-possessed wanted to go with him.

19But Yeshua wouldn’t let him and told him to head back home to his own people, and explain to them what the Master had done for him and how he had been merciful to him.

20So he went away and shared with the people of the Ten Cities region what Yeshua had done for him, and they were all amazed.

5And they_came to the side across the sea, to the region of_the Gerasaʸnōn.
2And him having_come_out out_of the boat, a_man out_of the tombs with a_ unclean _spirit met with_him, 3who was_having his dwelling in the tombs, and no_one was_able to_bind him no_longer, not_even with_chain, 4because_of that him often to_have_bound with_shackles and chains, and the chains to_have_torn_apart by him and the shackles to_have_broken, and no_one was_able to_tame him.
5And through all time night and day in the tombs and in the mountains, he_was crying_out and bruising himself with_stones.
6And having_seen the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) from afar, he_ran and prostrated him, 7and having_cried_out with_a_ loud _voice he_is_saying:
What to_me and to_you Yaʸsous, son of_ the the highest _god?
I_am_imploring you the by_god, you_may_ not _torment me.
8For/Because he_was_saying to_him:
Come_out out_of the man the the unclean spirit.
9And he_was_asking him:
What is the_name of_you?
And he_is_saying to_him:
Many_thousands is the_name to_me, because we_are many.
10And he_was_imploring him much that he_may_ not _send_out them out the country.
11And there was a_ great _herd of_pigs being_fed near the mountain, 12and they_implored him saying:
Send us into the pigs, in_order_that we_may_come_in into them.
13And he_permitted to_them.
And the the unclean spirits having_come_out, came_in into the pigs, and the herd about two_thousand rushed down the steep_bank into the sea and they_were_being_drowned in the sea.
14And the ones feeding them fled, and they_reported to the city and to the country.
And came_out to_see what is the thing having_become.
15And they_are_coming to the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa), and they_are_observing the man being_demon_possessed sitting, having_been_clothed and being_sensible, the one having_had the Many_thousands, and they_were_afraid.
16And the ones having_seen it described to_them, how it_became to_the one being_demon_possessed, and concerning the pigs.
17And they_began to_be_imploring him to_go_away from the regions of_them.
18And him boarding into the boat, the one having_been_demon_possessed was_begging him that he_may_be with him.
19And he_ not _allowed him, but he_is_saying to_him:
Be_going to the home of_you, to the your people, and report to_them as_much_as the master has_done for_you, and he_showed_mercy to_you.
20And he_went_away and began to_be_proclaiming in the Dekapolis as_much_as the Yaʸsous did for_him, and all were_marvelling.

5:21 A woman is healed as Yeshua goes to help a dying girl

(Mat. 9:18-26, Luke 8:40-56)

21When Yeshua had crossed in the boat to the other side of the lake, a large crowd of people came out to the lake edge to see him. 22A religious leader named Jairus came out, and when he found Yeshua he fell down at his feet 23and pleaded, “My young daughter is critical and just hanging on for you to come and touch her so that she can be healed and live.”

24So Yeshua went off with Jairus. The large crowd followed also and many were getting pressed against Yeshua.

25Then a woman came who had been losing blood for twelve years 26and who had endured much under various doctors despite spending everything she had. After all that, she’d ended up even worse, 27but when she heard about what Yeshua had been doing, she worked her way through the crowd to the back of Yeshua and touched his clothes, 28because she had told herself, “If I could even just touch his clothes, I would be healed.”

29And immediately the bleeding stopped and she knew that she had been healed. 30Immediately also, Yeshua knew that power had gone out of him, and he turned back towards the crowd and said, “Who touched my clothes?

31But his followers said, “You can see all the people that were pressing on you so why would you ask who touched you?”

32But Yeshua was still looking around to see who had done it. 33And the woman, scared and shaking because of what was happening, came and fell down in front of Yeshua and told him the whole story. 34Yeshua said, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and full health.

35While he was still speaking, messengers came from Jairus’ house to tell him, “Your daughter has died. Why bother the teacher any more?”

36But Yeshua overheard them telling this to the leader and told him, “Don’t be afraid—keep believing.37And Yeshua didn’t allow anyone to accompany him other than Peter, and Yacob and his brother, Yohan. 38As they approached Jairus’ house, Yeshua saw a big commotion with lots of crying and yelling going on. 39As he entered, he said, “Why are you all crying in distress? The child hasn’t died—she’s just sleeping!

40But they just ridiculed Yeshua. So he sent them all outside, just taking the father and mother of the child, along with three with him. He went in where the girl was 41and taking her hand, he said, “Young woman, I tell you: get up!42Immediately she got up and walked around. And everyone marvelled at the amazing thing that had happened. (She was twelve years old.) 43Yeshua repeatedly told them to keep this to themselves, and added that they should give her something to eat.

21And the Yaʸsous having_crossed_over in the boat again to the side across, a_ great _crowd was_gathered_together to him, and he_was beside the sea.
22And see, one of_the synagogue_leaders by_the_name Yaeiros is_coming, and having_seen him, is_falling at the feet of_him, 23and he_is_imploring him much saying, that The little_daughter of_me is_holding to_the_end, in_order_that having_come, you_may_lay_on the hands on_her, in_order_that she_may_be_healed and may_live.
24And he_went_away with him.
And a_ great _crowd was_following after_him, and they_were_pressing_on him.
25And a_woman being twelve years with a_hemorrhage of_blood, 26and having_suffered much under many doctors, and having_spent all the things by herself and having_been_benefited nothing, but rather having_come to the worse, 27having_heard the things concerning the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa), having_come behind in the crowd, she_touched against_the garment of_him.
28For/Because she_was_saying that If I_may_touch even_if against_the garments of_him, I_will_be_being_healed.
29And immediately the flow of_the blood of_her was_dried_up, and she_knew in_her body that she_has_been_healed from the affliction.
30And immediately the Yaʸsous, having_known in himself the power having_come_out out_of him, having_been_turned_back in the crowd he_was_saying:
Who touched against_the clothes of_me?
31And the apprentices/followers of_him were_saying to_him:
You_are_seeing the crowd pressing_on you, and you_are_saying:
Who touched against_me?
32And he_was_looking_around to_see the woman having_done this.
33And the woman having_been_afraid and trembling, having_known what has_become to_her, came and fell_before before_him and told all the truth to_him.
34And he said to_her:
Daughter, the faith of_you has_healed you, be_going in peace, and be healthy from the affliction of_you.
35Still of_him speaking, they_are_coming from the synagogue_leader saying, that The daughter of_you died_off, why you_are_ still _troubling the teacher?
36But the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) having_overheard the message being_spoken is_saying to_the the_synagogue_leader:
Be_ not _fearing, only be_believing.
37And he_ not _allowed no_one with him to_accompany, except not/lest the Petros, and Yakōbos/(Yaˊaqov), and Yōannaʸs the brother of_Yakōbos.
38And they_are_coming to the house of_the the_synagogue_leader, and he_is_observing a_commotion and weeping and much screaming.
39And having_come_in, he_is_saying to_them:
Why are_you_all_being_distressed and are_you_all_weeping?
The little_child not died_off, but is_sleeping.
40And they_were_ridiculing of_him.
But he having_throw_ all _out, is_taking the father of_the little_child and the mother and the ones with him, and he_is_entering_in where the little_child was.
41And having_taken_hold of_the hand of_the little_child, he_is_saying to_her:
Talitha, koum.
Which is being_translated - Little_girl, I_am_saying to_you, be_raising.
42And immediately the little_girl rose_up and she_was_walking, because/for she_was twelve of_years.
And they_marvelled immediately with_ great _amazement.
43And he_ much _instructed to_them that no_one may_know this, and he_said to_be_given to_her something to_eat.

6:1 Yeshua’s community can’t believe he’s from God

(Mat. 13:53-58, Luke 4:16-30)

6So Yeshua left Capernaum and went back with his followers to Nazareth, his birthplace. 2It was now the Rest Day and when he started teaching in the meeting hall, many who heard him were astonished, saying, “Where did he learn all this? How could he have such wisdom and be able to do these miracles? 3Isn’t this the carpenter, the son of Maria, and the brother of Yacob and Yosef and Yudas and Simon? Don’t his sisters live around here?” And they were offended by his teaching.

4[ref]Yeshua told them, “A prophet is only dishonoured in his own home town, and among his own relatives, and in his own home.

5And he wasn’t able to do even one miracle there, except for placing his hands on a few sick people and healing them. 6He was amazed at how they wouldn’t believe him as he went around the villages teaching.

6And he_came_out from_there, and he_is_coming into the hometown of_him, and the apprentices/followers of_him are_following after_him.
2And of_the_day_of_rest having_become, he_began to_be_teaching in the synagogue, and many hearing were_being_astonished saying:
From_where these things, to_this man, and what is the wisdom which having_been_given to_this one, and the such miracles becoming by the hands of_him?
3Is not this the carpenter, the son of_ the _Maria/(Mirəyām), and brother of_Yakōbos/(Yaˊaqov), and Yōsaʸs/(Yōşēf?
), and Youdas/(Yəhūdāh), and Simōn?
And are not the sisters of_him here with us?
And they_were_being_offended at him.
4And the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) was_saying to_them, that A_prophet is not dishonourable, except not/lest in the hometown of_him, and among the relatives of_him, and in the house of_him.
5And he_was_ not _able there to_do not_one miracle, except not/lest for_a_few sick, having_laid_on the hands, he_healed them.
6And he_marvelled because_of the unbelief of_them.
And he_was_going_around the villages, around teaching.

6:7 Yeshua sends his apprentices out in pairs

(Mat. 10:5-15, Luke 9:1-6)

7Then he called his twelve apprentices and started sending them out in pairs and giving them authority over demons. 8He insisted that they can carry a walking stick but not to take food, a backpack, or money. 9They could wear one pair of sandals, but not take changes of clothes. 10And he told them, “Whenever you are invited into a home, stay at that one place until you leave that town. 11[ref]But if any places don’t want you or don’t want to hear what you have to say, just leave that place. As you go, shake the dust off your sandals so they can see that you pass the responsibility of what happened to them.

12So the apprentices went off and started telling people to repent. 13[ref]And they drove out many demons, and anointed many sick people with olive oil and healed them.

7And he_is_calling_to the twelve, and began to_be_sending_ them _out two by_two, and was_giving authority to_them over_the the unclean spirits.
8And he_commanded to_them that they_may_be_taking_away nothing for journey, except only not/lest a_staff, not bread, not a_knapsack, not money in the belt, 9but having_tied_on sandals, and you_all_may_ not _dress_in two tunics.
10And he_was_saying to_them:
Wherever if you_all_may_come_in into a_house, be_remaining there until wishfully you_all_may_come_out from_there.
11And whatever wishfully place may_ not _receive you_all, nor may_they_hear from_you_all, going_out from_there, shake_off the dust which beneath the feet of_you_all for a_testimony to_them.
12And having_come_out, they_proclaimed that they_may_be_repenting.
13And they_were_throwing_out many demons, and they_were_anointing many sick with_olive_oil and they_were_healing them.

6:14 The execution of Yohan-the-Immerser

(Mat. 14:1-12, Luke 9:7-9)

14[ref]Yeshua was now becoming well known and King Herod Antipas heard about him. He thought that maybe Yohan-the-Immerser had come back to life and that’s why he was able to do miracles.

15But others thought it was the promised return of Eliyah, and yet others thought he must be another prophet like the ones in the Scriptures.

16But hearing about Yeshua, Herod was telling people, “That Yohan who I had beheaded, he must have come back to life!” 17[ref]Because Herod himself had had Yohan arrested and put in prison because he had married Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife. 18Yohan had been telling him that it was wrong for him to marry his brother’s wife, 19and so Herodias resented him enough to want to kill him, but Herod hadn’t be able to 20because he respected Yohan as a righteous and holy teacher and so he kept him alive. He often enjoyed hearing from Yohan and thought a lot about what he said.

21However, an opportunity came at Herod’s birthday celebration, when he threw a feast for his top officials and generals and for the leaders in Galilee. 22The daughter of Herodias came in and danced for them, and the king and his party guests all enjoyed it. So the king said to the young woman, “Just ask me for anything and I’ll give it to you.” 23And he made an oath, “Even if you asked for half of my kingdom, I’d give it to you!”

24So she went out and asked her mother what she should ask for. Her mother told her that she should ask for Yohan’s head.

25So going back into the party, she said seriously to the king, “I would like the head of Yohan-the-Immerser on a plate!”

26The king was really upset with that, but because he had made loud oaths in front of all his guests, he couldn’t say no. 27So he ordered an executioner to go out and return with Yohan’s head. He went off and beheaded him in the prison 28and brought the head into the party on a plate and gave it to the girl, and she gave it to her mother. 29When Yohan’s followers heard about this, they came and fetched his body and put it into a tomb.

14And the king Haʸrōdaʸs heard, because/for the name of_him became manifest, and he_was_saying, that Yōannaʸs the one immersing has_been_raised from the_dead, and because_of this the miracles are_working in in_him.
15But others were_saying, that He_is Aʸlias/(ʼĒliyyāh), and others were_saying, that A_prophet, like one of_the prophets.
16But having_heard, the Haʸrōdaʸs was_saying, that Yōannaʸs whom I beheaded, this was_raised.
17For/Because the Haʸrōdaʸs himself, having_sent_out, apprehended the Yōannaʸs and bound him in prison because_of Haʸrōidias, the wife of_Filippos, the brother of_him, because he_married her.
18For/Because the Yōannaʸs was_saying to_ the _Haʸrōdaʸs, that It_is_ not _permitting for_you to_be_having the wife of_the brother of_you.
19And the Haʸrōidias was_resenting him, and was_wanting to_kill_ him _off, and he_was_ not _able, 20for/because the Haʸrōdaʸs was_fearing the Yōannaʸs, having_known him as_a_ righteous and holy _man, and was_preserving him, and having_heard from_him, he_was_perplexing much, and he_was_hearing gladly from_him.
21And having_become a_ opportune _day, when Haʸrōdaʸs on_the birthday_celebrations of_him made a_supper, to_the magnates of_him, and to_the commanders, and to_the leaders of_ the _Galilaia/(Gālīl).
22And of_Haʸrōidias the daughter for_him having_come_in and having_danced, she_brought_pleasure to_ the _Haʸrōdaʸs and the ones reclining.
And the king said to_the little_girl:
Ask me whatever if you_may_be_wanting and I_will_be_giving it to_you.
23And he_swore to_her, that Whatever if you_may_ask me, I_will_be_giving to_you, up_to half of_the kingdom of_me.
24And having_come_out, she_said to_the mother of_her:
What may_I_request?
And she said:
The head of_Yōannaʸs the one immersing.
25And having_come_in immediately with earnestness to the king, she_requested saying:
I_am_wanting that immediately you_may_give the head of_Yōannaʸs the immerser to_me on a_platter.
26And the king having_become very_sorrowful, because_of the oaths and the ones reclining he_ not _wanted to_reject her.
27And immediately the king having_sent_out an_executioner, commanded to_bring the head of_him.
And having_gone_away, he_beheaded him in the prison, 28and brought the head of_him on a_platter, and gave it to_the little_girl, and the little_girl gave it to_the mother of_her.
29And having_heard it, the apprentices/followers of_him came and took_up the corpse of_him, and they_laid it in a_tomb.

6:30 Yeshua feeds 5,000 people

(Jn 6:1-14, Mat. 14:13-21, Luke 9:10-17)

30Now the apprentices who had been sent out returned back to Yeshua and they reported back everything they had done and what they had been teaching people. 31Then he told them, “Let’s just all of us head for a quiet place and take a break.” This was because there were so many people always coming and going, and sometimes they didn’t even have a chance to eat. 32So they went by boat away to a quiet place by themselves.

33But people from towns all around had seen them going and recognised who they were, so they ran around the lake on foot and got there ahead of them. 34[ref]So when Yeshua got out of the boat, he saw a big crowd and felt sorry for them because they seemed like sheep without a shepherd, so he started teaching them many things. 35Then, when it was already getting late, his apprentices came up and said, “This place is pretty isolated and it’s already late. 36Send these people off now so they can go to the nearby settlements and villages and buy themselves something to eat.”

37But Yeshua answered them, “You give them something to eat.

They complained, “If we go, should we buy several months wages worth of bread so we can give all of them something to eat?”

38But he asked, “Go and find out how much bread you have.

When they’d found out they said, “Five buns and two fish.”

39Yeshua told all the people to line up in rows and sit down on the green grass. 40So they sat down in rows of fifty to a hundred. 41Then holding the five buns and two fish, he looking up to the sky and blessed God, and then broke up the buns and gave pieces to his apprentices so they could do likewise to the people, and he also divided up the two fish, 42and all the people ate and were satisfied. 43Then they collected the leftover pieces of bread, filling twelve baskets, as well as the leftover pieces of fish. 44And the headcount of men who ate that evening was five thousand.

30And the ambassadors are_being_gathered_together to the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa), and they_reported to_him all things as_much_as they_did and as_much_as they_taught.
31And he_is_saying to_them:
Come you_all yourselves by yourselves to a_desolate place and rest a_little.
For/Because the ones coming and the ones going were many, and they_were_ not_even _having_opportunity to_eat.
32And they_went_away by the boat into a_ desolate _place by themselves.
33And they_saw them going and many recognized them, and from all the the_cities they_ran_together there on_foot and they_went_ahead of_them.
34And having_come_out, he_saw a_great crowd and he_was_feeling_compassion to them because they_were as sheep not having a_shepherd, and he_began to_be_teaching them many things.
35And the_hour already it_having_become late, the apprentices/followers of_him having_approached to_him were_saying, that The place is desolate, and it_is already an_ late _hour, 36send_ them _away, in_order_that having_gone_away to the surrounding country and villages, they_may_buy something for_themselves they_may_eat.
37But answering he said to_them:
You_all give something to_them to_eat.
And they_are_saying to_him:
Having_gone_away, may_we_buy two_hundred of_daʸnarion_coins loaves, and we_will_be_giving something to_them to_eat?
38And he is_saying to_them:
How_many loaves are_you_all_having?
Be_going, see.
And having_known they_are_saying:
Five and two fishes.
39And he_commanded to_them to_sit_down all, groups by_groups on the green grass.
40And sat_down groups by_groups, by hundred and by fifty.
41And having_taken the five loaves and the two fishes, having_looked_up to the sky, he_blessed and broke_up the loaves, and was_giving to_the apprentices/followers of_him in_order_that they_may_be_setting_before to_them, and he_divided the two fishes to_all.
42And they_ all _ate and were_satisfied.
43And they_took_up fragments of_twelve baskets fillings, and of the fishes.
44And the ones having_eaten the loaves were five_thousand men.

6:45 Yeshua walks on the lake surface

(Jn 6:15-21, Mat. 14:22-33)

45Straight after that, Yeshua sent his apprentices off in the boat to go across to Bethsaida while he sent the crowd home. 46Then he said goodbye to everyone, and climbed the hill to pray. 47Later in the night, the boat was out in the middle of the lake, and only Yeshua remained back there on the land. 48He saw them struggling to row against the wind, and sometime after 3am he came out to them, walking on the lake surface as if to walk past them. 49But they had seen someone walking on the lake and thought it was a ghost, and they yelled out 50because they had all seen it and were terrified.

But Yeshua immediately spoke to them and said, “Hey, take heart, it’s me, don’t be afraid!51Then he climbed up into the boat and the wind died down. And they were all totally astounded 52because they hadn’t understood the implications of him feeding all the people because their minds were closed.

45And immediately he_compelled the apprentices/followers of_him to_board into the boat, and to_be_going_before to the side across to Baʸthsaida, until he is_sending_away the crowd.
46And having_bid_goodbye to_them, he_went_away into the mountain to_pray.
47And having_become evening, the boat was in the_midst of_the sea, and only he on the land.
48And having_seen them being_tormented in the time to_be_rowing, because/for the wind was contrary to_them, about the_fourth watch of_the night he_is_coming to them, walking on the sea, and was_wanting to_pass_by them.
49And they, having_seen him on the sea walking, supposed that he_is a_ghost, and they_cried_out.
50For/Because all saw him and were_disturbed.
And he immediately spoke with them, and is_saying to_them:
Be_having_courage, I am he, be_ not _fearing.
51And he_went_up to them into the boat, and the wind died_down.
And they_were_marvelling exceedingly in themselves, 52for/because they_ not _understood concerning the loaves, but the heart of_them was having_been_hardened.

6:53 Yeshua heals many people around Gennesaret

(Mat. 14:34-36)

53After completing their crossing, they anchored at Gennesaret. 54And when they got out of the boat, again people recognised Yeshua 55and ran around that region, so next minute people began bringing all of those who were sick, carrying them on pallets to wherever they heard that Yeshua was. 56And whenever Yeshua entered villages or cities or fields or marketplaces, they laid the sick down there and were imploring him that they might even just touch the edge of his robe, and anyone who did so was healed.

53And having_crossed_over to the land, they_came to Gennaʸsaret and were_anchored.
54And of_them on_having_come_out out_of the boat, immediately having_recognized him, 55ran_around all the that country, and they_began to_be_carrying_about on the pallets the ones having sickly, where they_were_hearing that he_is.
56And wherever wishfully he_was_entering_in into villages, or into cities, or into fields, in the marketplaces they_were_laying the ones ailing, and they_were_imploring him that they_may_touch even_if against_the fringe of_the garment of_him, and as_many_as wishfully touched against_him were_being_healed.

7:1 Yeshua suggests obeying God, not tradition

(Mat. 15:1-9)

7Some from the Pharisee party and some of the law teachers had come from Yerusalem to observe Yeshua 2and noticed that some of his followers were eating their food without following their religious customs, i.e., without washing their hands. 3(The Pharisees and, in fact, all the Jewish religious leaders do not eat without first ceremonially washing their hands as taught by their elders over the generations. 4They won’t eat at the market if they can’t do this first, and have many other regulations about ceremonial washing of cups and jugs and copper kettles.)

5And the Pharisees and religious teachers asked Yeshua, “How come your followers don’t follow our Jewish traditions, but eat without the ceremonial washing of hands?”

6And he answered, “Isayah got it exactly right when he expressed God’s thoughts about you hypocrites and wrote:[ref]

‘These people honour me with their lips,

but their real desires are far away from mine.

7Their worship of me is worthless,

teaching man-made rules as if they are from God.’

8You’ve ignored God’s commands instead accepting human traditions.

9And Yeshua continued, “You all simply dismiss God’s commands in favour of your own customs. 10[ref]Moses teaches us,

‘Honour your parents,’


‘Anyone dishonestly slandering their parents deserves the death penalty.’

11But when you all encourage people to say, ‘Whatever I had that may have helped you guys has been given to God’, 12you are actively discouraging them from helping their parents— 13overriding God’s voice for your very convenient teaching that you disseminate instead. And that’s not the only example!

7And the Farisaios_party and some of_the scribes, having_come from Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim), are_being_gathered_together to him, 2and having_seen some of_the apprentices/followers of_him, that they_are_eating the loaves with_unclean hands, this is with_unwashed.
3(For/Because the Farisaios_party and all the Youdaiōns, are_ not _eating if they_may_ not _wash the hands with_the_fist, taking_hold_of the tradition of_the elders, 4and from the_marketplace they_are_ not _eating if they_may_ not _wash, and many other things there_is which they_received to_be_taking_hold_of, washings of_cups and pitchers and copper_kettles.
) 5And the Farisaios_party are_asking him and the scribes:
For/Because_ why _reason the apprentices/followers of_you are_ not _walking according_to the tradition of_the elders, but they_are_eating the bread with_common hands?
6And he answering said to_them:
Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) rightly prophesied concerning you_all the hypocrites, as it_has_been_written, that This the people is_honouring me with_the lips, but the heart of_them is_being_away far_away from me.
7And they_are_worshipping me uselessly, teaching the_commandments of_humans as_teachings.
8Having_left the commandment of_ the _god, you_all_are_taking_hold_of the tradition of_ the _humans.
9And he_was_saying to_them:
You_all_are_rejecting well the commandment of_ the _god, in_order_that you_all_may_keep the tradition of_you_all.
10For/Because Mōsaʸs/(Mosheh) said:
Be_honouring the father of_you and the mother of_you, and:
The one speaking_evil father or mother let_be_dying in_death.
11But you_all are_saying:
If a_person may_say to_the father or the mother:
whatever you_may_be_benefited if from me it_is Korban (that is a_gift, 12you_all_are_ no_longer _allowing him to_do nothing for_the father or the mother, 13annulling the message of_ the _god for_the tradition of_you_all to_which you_all_gave_over.
And many similar such things you_all_are_doing.

7:14 Evil comes from inside a person

(Mat. 15:10-20)

14Yeshua called out to the crowd, “Everyone listen to me carefully: 15Nothing that enters your mouth makes you guilty in God’s eyes. It’s what comes out of you that demonstrates your culpability.

16 17When Yeshua came back inside, his apprentices asked him what he meant. 18But he scolded them, “Can’t you understand something so simple! Can’t you see that anything from the outside that enters your body doesn’t make you guilty in God’s sight, 19because it doesn’t enter your mind but merely goes into your stomach and ends up in the toilet.” (By saying this he clearly showed that is was ok for Jews to eat any food.)

20He continued, “It’s what comes out of you that makes you guilty in God’s eyes.21-22 21-22That’s because evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, wickedness, deceit, arrogance, lust, slander, pride, and foolishness all come from inside people’s hearts and minds. 23So it’s the evil that’s inside a person and comes out that makes them guilty in God’s eyes.

14And again having_called_to the crowd, he_was_saying to_them:
All be_hearing from_me and be_understanding:
15there_is nothing outside the person entering_in into him, which is_able to_defile him but the things going_out out_of the person is the things defiling the person.
16 17And when he_came_in into the_house from the crowd, the apprentices/followers of_him were_asking him the parable.
18And he_is_saying to_them:
Are you_all thus also unintelligent?
You_all_are_ not _understanding that everything the part outside entering_in into the person is_ not _able to_defile him, 19because it_is_ not _entering_in into the heart of_him but into the belly, and it_is_going_out into the latrine?
(Purifying all the foods.
) 20And he_was_saying that The thing going_out out_of the person, that is_defiling the person.
21For/Because from inside the heart of_ the _people are_going_out the the evil speculations, sexual_immoralities, thefts, murders, adulteries, 22greediness, wickedness, deceit, wantonness, eyeing evil, slander, pride, foolishness.
23All these the evil things inside is_going_out and is_defiling the person.

7:24 The bold faith of a non-Jewish woman

(Mat. 15:21-28)

24Yeshua left that place and went up north into the regions of Tyre and Tsidon. He tried to enter a house without being noticed but didn’t succeed, 25and straight away a woman who had heard about him turned up. She knelt in front of him because she had a little daughter who was demon-possessed. 26The woman was Greek from Phoenicia in Syria and she begged Yeshua to command the demon to leave her daughter. 27But he replied, “Let the Jewish children be treated first, because it’s not good to take the children’s food and throw it to the dogs.

28And she responded, “Yes, master, but the puppies under the table do get to eat the little crumbs that the children drop.”

29And he answered, “Go home now. As a result of how you just spoke, the demon has already left your daughter.

30And when she got home, the demon had indeed gone and her little girl was lying quietly on her bed.

24And from_there having_risen_up, he_went_away into the regions of_Turos/(Tsor) and Sidōn/(Tsīdōn).
And having_come_in into the_house, he_was_wanting no_one to_know, but was_ not _able to_escape_notice.
25But immediately a_woman having_heard about him, of_whom the little_daughter was_having of_her a_ unclean _spirit having_come, fell_before at the feet of_him.
26And the woman was Hellaʸn, from_Foinikaʸ_in_Suria the by_descent, and she_was_asking him that he_may_throw_out the demon out_of the daughter of_her.
27And he_was_saying to_her:
Allow the children to_be_satisfied first, because/for it_is not good to_take the bread of_the children, and to_throw it to_the little_dogs.
28And she answered and is_saying to_him:
Yes, master, even the little_dogs beneath the table are_eating of the the little_crumbs of_the little_children.
29And he_said to_her:
Because_of this the message be_going, the demon, has_come_out out_of the daughter of_you.
30And having_gone_away to the home of_her, she_found the demon having_come_out and the little_child having_been_laid on the bed.

7:31 Yeshua heals a deaf man who couldn’t speak

31Yeshua left the Tyre region, passed through Tsidon, and came down the eastern side of the Lake of Galilee to the Decapolis region. 32The people there brought a man to him who couldn’t hear or speak, and asked Yeshua to heal him. 33So Yeshua took the man back away from the crowd, put his fingers in the man’s ears, then he spat and touched the man’s mouth. 34Looking up to the sky, he sighed and said, “Open up!

35Then the man could hear, and his tongue was released and he began to speak properly. 36The Yeshua advised that they shouldn’t tell anyone, but the more he said that, the more they seemed to spread it around. 37The crowds were totally amazed, saying, “He can do anything—he makes the deaf able to hear, and enables the ones who couldn’t speak.”

31And again having_come_out from the regions of_Turos, he_came through Sidōn to the sea of_ the _Galilaia/(Gālīl), among the_midst of_the regions of_Dekapolis.
32And they_are_bringing a_deaf and speech_impaired man to<