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Open English Translation MARK Chapter 1

MARK 1 ©

Readers’ Version

Literal Version

1Here begins the good message about Yeshua the messiah—the son of God:

1The_beginning of_the good_message of_Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) chosen_one/messiah, son of_god.

1:2 The ministry of Yohan the immerser (The return of ‘Eliyah’)

(Mat. 3:1-12, Luke 3:1-18, Yhn. 1:19-28)

2The prophet Isayah wrote:[ref]

See, I am sending my messenger to you,

the one who will be preparing your path.

3[ref]The voice out in the wilderness shouting,

‘Get the path ready for the master;

Make it smooth for him to travel on.’ ”

4Yohan turned up in the wilderness announcing that people should get immersed in water in order to show that their sins have been forgiven. 5And many from the Yudean region and from the city of Yerusalem went out to hear him, and they confessed their sins and asked Yohan to immerse them in the Yordan river.

6[ref]Yohan was dressed in simple clothes made from camel hair with a leather belt around his waist, and he lived on locusts and wild honey. 7And he also announced, “There’s a greater man coming soon—in fact I’m not even good enough to bend down and untie his sandals. 8I immersed you in water, but he will immerse you all in God’s holy spirit.”

2As it_has_been_written in the Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊyāh) the prophet:
Behold, I_am_sending_out the messenger of_me before the_face of_you, who will_be_preparing the way of_you.
3The_voice of_a_shouting one in the wilderness prepare the way of_the_master, be_making the paths of_him straight.
4Yōannaʸs became the one immersing in the wilderness, and proclaiming a_immersion of_repentance for forgiveness of_sins.
5And all the Youdaia region and all of_the ones_from_Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālam) was_going_out to him and they_were_being_immersed by him in the Yordanaʸs/(Yarddēn) river, confessing the sins of_them.
6And the Yōannaʸs was having_dressed_in hairs of_a_camel, and a_ leather _belt around the waist of_him, and eating locusts and wild honey.
7And he_was_proclaiming saying:
The one mightier than me is_coming after me, of_whom I_am not worthy having_bent_down, to_untie the strap of_the sandals of_him.
8I immersed you_all in_water, but he will_be_immersing you_all the_ holy _spirit.

1:9 Yeshua gets immersed and then tempted

(Mat. 3:13–4:11, Luke 3:21-22)

9(Figure skipped)Then one day Yeshua came from Nazareth in the Galilee region, and he got immersed in the Yordan river by Yohan. 10As Yeshua came up out of the water, he saw the sky being opened up, and God’s spirit coming down on him like a dove. 11[ref]And a voice came from the sky saying, “You are my son who I love and am pleased with.”

12And then the spirit sent him into the wilderness 13where he was tested by Satan for forty days. He was out there with the wild animals, but messengers waited on him there.

9And it_became in those the days, Yaʸsous came from Nazaret of_ the _Galilaia/(Gālīl), and he_was_immersed in the Yordanaʸs by Yōannaʸs.
10And immediately going_up from the water, he_saw the heavens being_divided, and the spirit as a_dove coming_down on him.
11And a_voice became out_of the heavens:
You are the the beloved son of_me, I_took_pleasure in you.
12And immediately the spirit is_sending_ him _forth into the wilderness.
13And he_was in the wilderness forty days being_tempted by the Satan/(Sāţān), and he_was with the wild_beasts, and the messengers were_serving unto_him.

1:14 The selection of the first followers / apprentices

(Mat. 4:12-22, Luke 4:14-15)

14After Yohan had been arrested, Yeshua went back up to Galilee announcing the good news from God 15[ref]saying, “The promised time is here, and God’s kingdom is now near. Turn from your sins and believe this good news.

16As he went around the lake of Galilee, Yeshua saw two fishermen, Simon and his brother Andrew throwing a net into the lake. 17And he said to them, “Come with me and I will make you into fishermen of people.18And so they left their fishing work and went off with Yeshua.

19Then a bit further on he saw two of Zebedee’s sons, Yacob and his brother Yohan, in a boat getting their nets ready. 20Yeshua called them and they too went off with him, leaving their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired workers.

14And after the Yōannaʸs which to_be_given_over, the Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) came into the Galilaia, proclaiming the good_message of_ the _god 15and saying, that The time has_been_fulfilled and the kingdom of_ the _god has_neared, be_repenting and be_believing in the good_message.
16And passing_by by the sea of_ the _Galilaia, he_saw Simōn and Andreas the brother of_Simōn throwing a_net in the sea for they_were fishermen.
17And the Yaʸsous said to_them:
Come after me, and I_will_be_making you_all to_become fishermen of_people.
18And immediately having_left their nets, they_followed after_him.
19And having_advanced little, he_saw Yakōbos/(Yaˊₐqoⱱ) the son of_ the _Zebedaios and Yōannaʸs the brother of_him, also them in the boat preparing the nets.
20And immediately he_called them.
And having_left Zebedaios the father of_them in the boat with the hired_hands, they_went_away after him.

1:21 Yeshua drives out a demon

(Luke 4:31-37)

21They went on into Capernaum where he went into the meeting hall and began teaching as soon as the rest day started. 22[ref]The congregation was amazed at his teaching, because he taught with authority, not like the regular teachers there.

23Then a demon-possessed man in the meeting hall suddenly yelled out, 24“What are we to you, Yeshua of Nazareth? You’ve come to destroy us. I know that you’re God’s holy one.”

25But Yeshua scolded it, saying, “Keep quiet!”, and, “Come out of him!

26Then the demon threw the man into a convulsion, cried out loudly, and left him. 27Everyone was astounded and asked each other, “What just happened? We haven’t heard anything like this before—he has authority to command demons, and they obey him!”

28And the news about Yeshua spread all over the entire region of Galilee.

21And they_are_entering_in into Kafarnaʼoum.
And immediately on_the days_of_rest, having_come_in into the synagogue, he_was_teaching.
22And they_were_being_astonished at the teaching of_him, because/for he_was teaching them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.
23And immediately a_man with a_ unclean _spirit was in the synagogue of_them, and he_cried_out 24saying:
What to_us and to_you, Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) Nazaraʸnos?
You_came to_destroy us?
I_have_known who you are, the holy one of_ the _god.
25And the Yaʸsous gave_rebuke to_him saying:
Be_silenced and come_out out_of him.
26And the the unclean spirit having_convulsed him and having_called with_a_ loud _voice, it_came_out from him.
27And all were_amazed, so_as to_be_debating them saying:
What is this?
A_ new _teaching, he_is_commanding even to_the the unclean spirits with authority, and they_are_submitting to_him.
28And the report of_him came_out immediately everywhere into all the surrounding_region of_ the _Galilaia/(Gālīl).

1:29 Yeshua heals many others

(Mat. 8:14-17, Luke 4:38-41)

29After leaving the meeting hall, Yeshua went into the home of Simon and Andrew, along with Yacob and Yohan. 30Inside, Simon’s mother-in-law was lying down with a fever, and the others spoke to Yeshua about her. 31When he went up to her, and took hold of her hand and helped her up, the fever left her and she prepared something for them to eat.

32That evening when the sun set, the people brought all those who were sick or demon-possessed to Yeshua. 33It seemed like the entire town had gathered there outside the front door. 34Yeshua healed many who were sick from a range of diseases, and he commanded many demons to leave—not allowing them to speak because they knew that he was the messiah.

29And immediately having_come_out out_of the synagogue, he_came into the house of_Simōn and Andreas, with Yakōbos/(Yaˊₐqoⱱ) and Yōannaʸs.
30And the mother_in_law of_Simōn was_lying being_feverish, and immediately they_are_speaking to_him about her.
31And having_approached, having_taken_hold of_her hand, he_raised her.
And the fever left her, and she_was_serving unto_them.
32And having_become evening when the sun set, they_were_bringing all the ones being sickly and the ones being_demon_possessed to him.
33And all the city was having_been_gathered_together at the door.
34And he_healed many being sickly of_various diseases, and he_throw_out many demons, and he_was_ not _allowing the demons to_be_speaking because they_had_known him to_be chosen_one/messiah.

1:35 Yeshua prays before going preaching

(Luke 4:42-44)

35In the small hours of the morning, Yeshua got up and went out to a quiet place and prayed there. 36But Simon and the others came looking for him, 37and when they found him they said, “Everyone’s looking for you!”

38And Yeshua answered, “Well, we’ll be going into the other villages around here, so that I can also tell them. That’s what I came here for.39[ref]Then he went preaching in all their meeting halls in Galilee and driving out demons.

35And exceedingly early in_the_night, having_risen_up he_came_out and went_away into a_ desolate _place, and_there he_was_praying.
36And Simōn and the ones with him searched_for him, 37and they_found him and they_are_saying to_him, that All are_seeking you.
38And he_is_saying to_them:
We_may_be_going elsewhere into the neighboring villages, in_order_that also there I_may_proclaim, because/for I_came_out for this reason.
39And he_came proclaiming in the synagogues of_them in all the Galilaia/(Gālīl), and throwing_out the demons.

1:40 Yeshua heals a man with leprosy

(Mat. 8:1-4, Luke 5:12-16)

40A man with leprosy came to Yeshua asking him, “I know that you could heal me if you wanted to.”

41Yeshua felt compassion for him, reached out his hand and touched him, and said, “Yes, I will. Get well.42Then immediately the leprosy disappeared and he was well again. 43So Yeshua sent him away, but warned him: 44[ref]Don’t talk to anyone—just go to the priest and show him that you’re well, and as a testimony of that, make the offering that Moses commanded.

45But after the man left, he started telling lots of people and spreading the news—so much so that Yeshua could no longer come into the town but had to stay out in quieter places, and people kept coming to him.

40And a_leper is_coming to him, imploring him, saying to_him, that If you_may_be_willing, you_are_being_able to_cleanse me.
41And having_been_feeling_compassion, having_stretched_out the hand of_him, he_touched and is_saying to_him:
I_am_willing, be_cleansed.
42And immediately the leprosy went_away from him, and he_was_cleansed.
43And having_admonished to_him, immediately sent_ him _forth, 44and he_is_saying to_him:
Be_seeing, you_may_speak to_no_one, nothing, but be_going, show yourself to_the priest and offer for the cleansing of_you which Mōsaʸs/(Mosheh) commanded, because/for a_testimony to_them.
45But he having_come_out began to_be_proclaiming much and to_be_spreading_abroad the message, so_that no_longer him to_be_able to_come_ openly _in into the_city, but he_was outside in desolate places and they_were_coming to him on_every_side.

MARK 1 ©