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Index of sections for T4T MARK

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1:0 Mark 1:1-8

1:1 The good message about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God, began when John, the Baptizer, as was prophesied long ago, announced the coming of Jesus.

1:9 God showed Jesus to be the Son of God by God’s Spirit descending upon him; by Himself, God the Father, declaring it; by Satan testing him; and by the angels taking care of him.

1:14 After John was arrested, Jesus came and preached the good message that came from God.

1:16 Jesus showed his authority when he summoned four men, and they immediately went with him.

1:21 People were amazed as a result of Jesus expelling a demon from a man.

1:29 Jesus healed Simon’s mother-in-law.

1:32 Jesus healed many people and expelled many evil spirits from people.

1:35 Jesus traveled throughout Galilee, preaching and expelling evil spirits from people.

1:40 Jesus cured a leper and arranged for him to be able to associate with people again.

2:1 By healing a paralyzed man Jesus demonstrated his authority to forgive sins as well as to heal.

2:13 Jesus invited Levi to be his disciple and refuted those who objected to his associating with such people.

2:18 Jesus told them it was inappropriate for his disciples to show sorrow by fasting while he was with them, and that requiring people to perform rituals like fasting was inconsistent with the new way of life he was bringing.

2:23 When the Pharisees complained about Jesus’ disciples plucking grain on the Sabbath day, Jesus replied that there was Scriptural precedent for ignoring religious laws if there was a physical need, and that he is the one to decide what people should do on the Sabbath.

3:1 After Jesus healed a man with a withered arm on the Sabbath, Jewish leaders began to plan to kill him.

3:7 Many people came from various areas to hear Jesus, because he had healed many.

3:13 Jesus appointed the twelve apostles.

3:20 Jesus explained why their claim that he was expelling evil spirits by Satan’s power was ridiculous, and that such a claim was an unforgivable sin.

3:31 Jesus told them that those who obey God are as dear to him as his close relatives.

4:1 Jesus taught the crowds by parables about the various ways that people who hear his message react.

4:26 Jesus told them two parables to show them how the number of people who will submit to God’s rule over their lives will greatly increase.

4:35 While Jesus and his disciples crossed the lake in a boat and while Jesus slept, a storm arose, so the disciples woke him and he calmed the storm.

5:1 Jesus expelled evil spirits from a Gerasene man and then allowed them to enter a herd of pigs, which then ran down a hill and drowned. As a result, the local people asked Jesus to leave the area.

5:21 Jesus cured a woman who had been suffering from hemorrhaging, and brought Jairus’ daughter back to life.

6:1 Jesus taught in the synagogue, and the people who heard him were amazed and offended.

6:6b Jesus began to send out his disciples two-by-two and gave them power and instructions.

6:14 King Herod heard about Jesus and wondered if he was John the Baptizer, come back after King Herod had ordered John to be executed due to the insistence of his wife, Herodias.

6:30 The apostles returned to Jesus to report what they had done. Then they all went off to a lonely place, but many people followed them.

6:35 When it became late in the afternoon the people became hungry and there was no place to obtain food; as a result, Jesus miraculously provided food for them.

6:45 Jesus sent his disciples ahead of him to Bethsaida by boat while he stayed to pray. Later he saw that they were in difficulty due to a wind blowing against them, so he went to them, walking on the water.

6:53 As soon as Jesus and his disciples reached land and disembarked, people began to come to Jesus, bringing sick people in order that he might heal them, and he healed all who touched him.

7:1 Some Pharisees and scribes criticized Jesus about his disciples disobeying the traditions of the elders. Jesus replied, showing that their attitudes and practices were mistaken.

7:24 Jesus went to the region around Tyre to be away from people, but they learned of it, and a woman came to ask him to expel an evil spirit from her daughter.

7:31 When Jesus went back to Lake Galilee, some people brought a deaf-mute man to Jesus and asked him to heal the man, which he did.

8:1 Again Jesus provided food miraculously for a great crowd who gathered to hear him and became hungry.

8:11 Jesus rebuked those who insisted on him performing more miracles, and rebuked the disciples when they worried about not having enough food with them.

8:22 Jesus healed a blind man.

8:27 On the way to the villages near the city of Caesarea Philippi, Jesus asked his disciples what people were saying about who he was and, then, what they thought.

8:31 Jesus spoke plainly to his disciples about his coming death and resurrection.

8:34 Jesus explained to the crowd and his disciples what is required if anyone wants to be Jesus’ disciple.

9:2 Jesus took Peter, James and John up a high mountain where his appearance changed, and Moses and Elijah appeared and talked to Jesus.

9:9 Jesus told them that the one like Elijah has already come and been evilly treated, but that the Messiah would also be evilly treated.

9:14 Jesus expelled an evil spirit and later explained to the disciples why they had failed to do that.

9:30 Jesus was teaching his disciples that he would be handed over to other men, killed, and become alive again; but they did not understand what he was saying.

9:33 Jesus taught his disciples by illustration about what kind of person God considers important.

9:38 Jesus taught his disciples about who is for him and who is against him.

9:42 Jesus taught his disciples about sin and its result.

9:49 Jesus taught that we must endure trials to remain useful to God.

10:1 Some Pharisees asked him if the law permitted a man to divorce his wife. Jesus answered and supported his answer from Scripture.

10:13 Jesus became indignant when he saw his disciples scolding people for bringing children for him to bless them.

10:17 After a man asked Jesus what he should do in order to live eternally, Jesus told him to sell all his possessions, which astonished the disciples.

10:32 As they were traveling toward Jerusalem, Jesus took the disciples aside and began to tell them again about what was going to happen to him.

10:35 After James and John requested to sit on the right and left of Jesus when he rules, Jesus told them what will happen and how they should act.

10:46 After a blind man called out and asked Jesus to have mercy on him, Jesus healed him.

11:1 They brought a young donkey to Jesus; then Jesus mounted it and rode to Jerusalem with people shouting and praising him as they went along.

11:12 Jesus cursed a fig tree as a sign of what would happen to the people of Israel.

11:15 Jesus expelled those who were buying and selling goods in the Temple, and taught that the Temple was to be a place of prayer. These actions angered the priests and scribes who, then, looked for a way to kill Jesus.

11:20 When Jesus and his disciples passed the fig tree that Jesus had cursed, they saw that it had withered. Jesus used this as an illustration for trusting that God would answer prayer.

11:27 The chief priests, scribes and elders asked Jesus by what authority he was doing these things. He, then, asked them a question that they would not answer; so he did not answer theirs.

12:1 After Jesus told the Jewish leaders a parable, they realized that he was accusing them of wanting to kill him, but they feared how the people would react if they arrested Jesus.

12:13 Jesus foiled the Jewish leaders’ attempt to trap him by their question of whether they should pay taxes to the Roman government.

12:18 Jesus showed from Scripture that the Sadducees were wrong in ridiculing the idea of life after death.

12:28 Jesus commended a scribe who accepted Jesus’ assessment of the two greatest commandments, after which they asked Jesus no more questions to trap him.

12:35 Jesus showed from Scripture that the Messiah must be David’s Lord as well as his descendant.

12:38 Jesus warned them about the scribes’ hypocritical actions.

12:41 Jesus told them that a poor widow’s tiny sacrificial offering was worth more in God’s sight than large amounts of money from rich people.

13:1 Jesus prophesied that the Temple would be completely destroyed.

13:3 Jesus taught his disciples about the events that will precede his coming again.

14:1 The Jewish leaders planned how they could arrest Jesus without starting a riot.

14:3 Jesus commended a woman who extravagantly anointed Jesus in anticipation of his death. The chief priests agreed to pay Judas if he would help them seize Jesus.

14:12 Two disciples followed Jesus’ instructions and prepared the Passover meal.

14:18 During the Passover meal, Jesus prophesied that one disciple would betray him, and he gave them the bread and wine which he said represented his body and blood which would be sacrificed.

14:27 Jesus predicted that Peter would deny three times that he knew Jesus.

14:32 While the disciples slept, Jesus prayed that God would spare him from the coming suffering.

14:43 Judas betrayed Jesus.

14:50 Mark ran away.

14:53 After witnesses accusing Jesus contradicted each other, Jesus said that he was the man who was also God, the Messiah, after which they decided that Jesus must die.

14:66 As Jesus predicted, Peter denied three times that he knew Jesus.

15:1 In the governor Pilate’s presence Jesus refused to answer accusations against him.

15:6 At the crowd’s insistence, Pilate released a criminal, and gave orders that Jesus should be crucified.

15:16 The soldiers ridiculed Jesus as being a king.

15:21 After they crucified Jesus the soldiers gambled for his clothing.

15:25 People passing by, as well as the Jewish leaders and two criminals crucified with Jesus, insulted him.

15:33 As several women who had accompanied Jesus watched, he died, after which the Temple curtain split into two parts, and the Roman officer pronounced that Jesus was the Son of God.

15:42 Several women watched as Joseph and others buried Jesus’ body in a cave after getting permission from Pilate.

16:1 Two days later several women were astonished to find Jesus’ tomb empty.

16:9 Jesus rebuked the disciples for not believing the reports of his being alive again.

16:15 Miracles began to happen after Jesus instructed his disciples to preach the gospel everywhere and he told them that miracles would accompany their ministry.