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Index of sections for LEB DAN

Intro:0 DAN (Headers)

1:1 Daniel’s Development in the King’s Court

1:8 Daniel’s Resolve

2:1 The King’s Troubling Dream

2:24 Daniel Praises God and Interprets the King’s Dream

2:46 The King’s Response to Daniel and His God

3:1 The Faithfulness of Three Young Israelites and God’s Deliverance

3:19 The Wrath of the King and His Fiery Furnace of Death

3:28 The King’s Praise for the Great Deliverance of the Three Young Israelites

4:1 Nebuchadnezzar Declares What the Most High God Has Done for Him

4:4 The Dream and the King’s Search for an Interpreter

4:19 Daniel Relates and Interprets the Dream

4:28 God Judges the King for His Hubris

4:34 The King Praises and Extols the Most High God

5:1 The Mysterious Writing on the Wall

5:13 Daniel Deciphers and Interprets the Writing

6:1 Daniel’s Integrity and His Entrapment by His Enemies

6:13 God’s Miraculous Deliverance of Daniel Again

6:25 The King Praises the God of Daniel and Daniel Prospers

7:1 Daniel’s Vision of Four Beasts and the Son of Man

7:15 Daniel Explains and Interprets the Vision

8:1 The Vision of a Small Horn that Oppresses Israel and Threatens the Temple

8:15 Gabriel Gives Angelic Help and Interprets the Vision

9:1 Daniel’s Prayer for His People

9:20 Gabriel’s Announcement and Presentation of the Seventy Sets of Seven

9:24 The Seventy Sets of Seven Detailed

10:1 Daniel’s Vision of a Dazzling Heavenly Messenger

11:1 A Survey of the Kings of the North and South

12:1 The Time of the Judgment and the Resurrection of Two Groups

12:8 Daniel Seeks Additional Insights