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Index of sections for LEB GAL

Intro:0 GAL (Headers)

1:1 Greeting

1:6 A Different Gospel

1:11 Paul’s Defense of His Apostleship

2:1 Paul’s Ministry Recognized by the Jerusalem Apostles

2:11 Paul Confronts Peter at Antioch

2:15 Justified by Faith in Christ

3:1 Justified by the Law, or Justified by Faith?

3:15 The Promise to Abraham and His Descendant

3:19 The Addition of the Law

4:1 No Longer Slaves But Sons and Heirs

4:8 Do Not Be Enslaved Again

4:13 Paul’s Personal Appeal

4:21 Hagar and Sarah Represent Two Covenants

5:1 Live in Freedom and Love One Another

5:16 Live by the Spirit and Reject the Deeds of the Flesh

6:1 Carry One Another’s Burdens

6:6 Do Good to All People

6:11 A Final Warning

6:17 Conclusion and Benediction