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Index of sections for LEB 2KI

Intro:0 KI2 (Headers)

1:1 Elijah and the Messengers of Ahaziah

1:17 Epitaph for Ahaziah

2:1 Elijah Taken Away from Elisha

2:15 Elisha Begins His Ministry

3:1 Joram Meets Moab in Battle

4:1 Elisha Answers a Widow’s Request

4:8 Elisha at Shunem

4:18 Elisha Restores the Shunammite’s Son

4:38 Elisha Secures the Food

5:1 The Healing of Naaman the Syrian

5:15 Elisha’s Greedy Servant Gehazi

6:1 Elisha Recovers a Lost Axe Head

6:8 Arameans Plot to Take Elisha

6:24 Besieged Samaria Resorts to Cannibalism

7:1 Elisha Prophesies Hope for Relief

7:3 Four Lepers Report the Departure of the Arameans

7:16 Prophecy Fulfilled

8:1 Joram Restores the Shunammite’s Land

8:16 Joram Reigns in Judah

8:25 Ahaziah Succeeds Joram in Judah

9:1 Jehu Anointed Prophetically to Rule in Place of Joram of Israel

9:11 Jehu Assassinates Joram

9:27 Jehu Orders the Assassination of Ahaziah

9:30 Jezebel Loses Her High Position

10:1 Jehu Continues Purging the House of Ahab

10:18 Jehu Purges the Baal Worshipers

11:1 Athaliah Usurps the Throne in Judah

12:1 Jehoash/Joash Reigns in Judah

12:4 Temple Repairs Planned

12:17 Hazael Threatens Judah

13:1 Jehoahaz and Jehoash in Israel

13:14 Elisha Passes Away

14:1 Amaziah Reigns in Judah; Jeroboam II in Israel

14:17 Azariah Succeeds Amaziah in Jerusalem; Zechariah Succeeds Jeroboam II in Samaria

15:1 The Acts of Azariah (Uzziah) in Judah

15:8 Zechariah in Israel

15:13 Shallum Reigns only a Month in Israel

15:17 Menahem Reigns in Israel

15:23 Pekahiah Reigns in Israel

15:27 Pekah Reigns in Israel

15:32 Jotham Reigns in Judah

16:1 Ahaz Reigns in Judah and Seeks Help against the Assyrians

16:10 Damascus Falls to the Assyrians

17:1 Hoshea Reigns in Israel

17:6 Israel Deported to Assyria and the Reasons It Fell

17:24 Israel Repopulated with Foreign Captives

18:1 Hezekiah Reigns in Judah

18:13 Sennacherib of Assyria Invades Judah

18:19 Assyrians Advise against Trust in Yahweh

19:1 Isaiah Sends Encouragement to Hezekiah

19:8 The Assyrians Defy God

19:14 Hezekiah Prays to Yahweh

19:20 Isaiah Brings a Prophetic Response

19:35 An Angel Neutralizes the Assyrian Army

20:1 Hezekiah Loses Health and Regains It through Prayer

20:12 Hezekiah Reveals Too Much to a Babylonian Envoy

21:1 Evil Manasseh Reigns after Godly Hezekiah

21:10 Yahweh Sends a Rebuke to Manasseh

21:19 Amon Reigns in Judah Only Two Years

22:1 Josiah Becomes King in Judah

22:8 A Scroll of the Torah Discovered in the Temple

22:14 The Prophetess Huldah Predicts Doom for Judah

23:1 Josiah’s Covenantal Reforms

23:21 Passover Renewed

23:31 Jehoahaz Reigns in Judah

23:34 Jehoiakim Replaces Jehoahaz

24:1 First Invasion of Nebuchadnezzar; Jehoiakim Submits

24:8 Jehoichin Succeeds Jehoiakim

24:10 Second Invasion of Nebuchadnezzar

24:18 Zedekiah Replaces Jehoiachin

25:1 The Final Invasion of Nebuchadnezzar

25:8 Jerusalem Is Sacked and the Temple Burned

25:13 Plunder Taken by the Chaldeans

25:22 Gedaliah Appointed Governor

25:27 Elderly Jehoiachin Cared for in Babylon