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Index of sections for LEB HEB

Intro:0 HEB (Headers)

1:1 God’s Full and Final Revelation in the Son

1:5 The Son Superior to the Angels

2:1 Warning Not to Neglect Salvation

2:5 The Son’s Humiliation and Suffering

3:1 The Superiority of Jesus to Moses

3:7 A Serious Warning Against Unbelief

4:1 The Rest that Remains for the People of God

4:14 Jesus Our Great High Priest

5:1 A High Priest Like Melchizedek

5:11 Advanced Teaching Hindered by Immaturity

6:1 A Serious Warning Against Falling Away

6:13 The Reliability of God’s Promise

7:1 The Greatness of Melchizedek

7:11 The Superiority of Jesus to Melchizedek

8:1 The Mediator of a New and Better Covenant

9:1 The Earthly Ministry of the Old Covenant

9:11 The Heavenly Ministry of the New Covenant

10:1 Christ’s One Sacrifice for Sin

10:19 Hold Fast the Confession of Our Hope

10:26 A Serious Warning Against Continuing Deliberate Sin

11:1 Examples of Faith in Action

12:1 The Example of Jesus’ Suffering

12:12 A Serious Warning Against Refusing God

13:1 Concluding Ethical Instructions

13:20 Benediction

13:22 Conclusion