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Index of sections for LEB NUM

Intro:0 NUM (Headers)

1:1 God Commands Moses to Take a Census

2:1 The Arrangement of the Camps

3:1 Aaron’s Sons

4:1 The Census of the Kohathites

5:1 Rules Concerning Those Unclean

5:5 Rules of Restitution

5:11 Rules Concerning an Unfaithful Wife

6:1 Rules Concerning Nazirites

6:22 The Priestly Blessing

7:1 The Leaders Make Offerings

8:1 The Seven Lamps

8:5 Moses Consecrates the Levites

9:1 The Passover

9:15 The Cloud and the Fire

10:1 The Silver Trumpets

10:11 The Israelites Depart from Sinai

11:1 The Israelites Complain

11:31 The Quail

12:1 Aaron and Miriam Murmur Against Moses

13:1 Spies Sent to Spy Out the Land of Canaan

13:25 The Spies Return

14:1 The People Complain

15:1 Various Sacrifices and Offerings

15:32 Violation of the Sabbath

15:37 Garment Fringes

16:1 Korah, Dathan, and Abiram Rebel

16:35b The Israelites Grumble

17:1 Aaron’s Staff Is Chosen

18:1 The Duties of the Priests and Levities

18:8 Portions for the Priests

19:1 Ashes of the Red Heifer

20:1 Miriam Dies

20:22 Aaron Dies

21:1 Arad Captured

21:6 The Bronze Serpent

21:21 Sihon and Og Defeated

22:1 Balak and Balaam

22:22 Balaam and the Angel

23:1 Balaam’s Oracles

24:1 Balaam Continues to Utter Oracles

25:1 The Plague of Israel

26:1 A New Census

27:1 Laws of Inheritance

27:15 Joshua Succeeds Moses

28:1 Daily Sacrifice

28:26 Offerings for the Festival of Weeks

29:1 Offers for the Seventh Month

29:7 Offerings for the Day of Atonement

30:1 Laws for Vows

31:1 War Against the Midianites

31:25 Division of the War-Booty

32:1 Gad and Reuben Inherit Gilead

33:1 The Travels Are Recounted

34:1 The Land of Canaan Is Divided

35:1 Cities for the Levites

35:9 Cities of Refuge

36:1 Inheritance Through Marriage