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Index of sections for LEB JOS

Intro:0 JOS (Headers)

1:1 Joshua Addresses the Israelites

2:1 Spies View the Land

3:1 The Israelites Cross the Jordan

4:1 The Israelites Make a Memorial

5:1 The Israelites Are Circumcised

5:8 The Israelites Celebrate Passover in Canaan

5:13 The Commander of Yahweh’s Army Appears Before Joshua

6:1 The Battle of Jericho

7:1 The Sin of Achan

8:1 Ai Is Destroyed

8:30 Israel Renews the Covenant

9:1 The Gibeonites Act with Cunning

10:1 The Sun Stands Still at Gibeon

10:16 The Kings of the Amorites Are Killed

10:29 Joshua’s Conquest of the South

11:1 Joshua’s Conquest of the North

11:16 A Review of Joshua’s Conquests

12:1 The Kings Conquered by Joshua

12:7 The Kings Conquered by Moses

13:1 Land Still Remains to be Conquered

13:15 Reuben’s Inheritance

13:24 Gad’s Inheritance

13:29 The Half-Tribe of Manasseh’s Inheritance

14:1 The Land Allotted West of the Jordan

14:6 Caleb Receives Hebron

15:1 The Allotment of Judah

15:20 The Cities of Judah

16:1 The Allotment of Ephraim and Manasseh

17:1 The Allotment of the Other Half-Tribe of Manasseh

17:14 The Tribes of Joseph Object

18:1 The Last of the Land Is Divided

18:11 The Allotment of Benjamin

19:1 The Allotment of Simeon

19:10 The Allotment of Zebulun

19:17 The Allotment of Issachar

19:24 The Allotment of Asher

19:32 The Allotment of Naphtali

19:40 The Allotment of Dan

19:49 The Allotment Is Completed

20:1 Cities of Refuge Are Established

21:1 The Allotment of the Levites

22:1 The Eastern Tribes Return

23:1 Joshua’s Farewell Address

24:1 Joshua Recounts Their History

24:14 The Israelites Promise to Serve Yahweh