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Index of sections for LEB 1TIM

Intro:0 TI1 (Headers)

1:1 Greeting

1:3 Instructions for Timothy in Ephesus

1:12 Paul’s Thankfulness for the Mercy Shown to Him

1:18 Paul’s Charge to Timothy

2:1 Instructions to Pray for All People

2:9 Instructions for Women

3:1 Qualifications for Overseers

3:8 Qualifications for Deacons

3:14 The Mystery of Godliness Described

4:1 The Coming Apostasy

4:6 The Good Servant of Christ

5:1 Instructions About Widows

5:17 Honoring Worthy Elders and Dealing With Sinners

6:1 Slaves and Masters

6:2b False Teachers and the Love of Money

6:11 Renewed Charge to Timothy

6:17 Instructions to the Rich

6:20 Final Charge and Benediction