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Index of sections for LEB 2CH

Intro:0 CH2 (Headers)

1:1 Solomon Worships at Gibeon

1:7 Solomon’s Prayer for Wisdom

1:14 Solomon’s Wealth

2:1 Solomon Petitions the King of Tyre

3:1 Solomon Builds the Temple

4:1 The Furnishings of Solomon’s Temple

5:1 The Ark Installed in the Temple

6:1 Solomon Blesses the People

6:12 Solomon’s Prayer to Dedicate the Temple

7:1 God Answers with Fire from Heaven

7:4 The Temple Dedication

7:12 God’s Charge to Solomon

8:1 Solomon’s Accomplishments and Deeds

9:1 Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

9:13 Solomon’s Great Wealth

9:29 The Death of Solomon

10:1 Rehoboam’s Debacle

11:1 Rehoboam’s Kingdom

11:13 The Priests and Levites Come to Jerusalem

11:18 Rehoboam’s Harem and Family

12:1 Shishak of Egypt Invades Jerusalem

12:13 The Death of Rehoboam

13:1 Abijah and Civil War

14:1 The Reign of Asa in Judah

15:1 Asa’s Religious Reforms

16:1 The End of Asa’s Reign

17:1 Jehoshaphat Reigns in Judah

18:1 Jehoshaphat’s Alliance with Ahab

18:28 The Death of Ahab

19:1 Jehoshaphat’s Reforms

20:1 The Prayer of Jehoshaphat

20:20 God Delivers Judah and Jerusalem

20:31 The End of Jehoshaphat’s Reign

21:1 The Reign of Jehoram

22:1 The Reign of Ahaziah

22:10 The Reign of Athaliah

23:1 Joash Is Made King

24:1 Joash Repairs the Temple

24:23 The Death of Joash

25:1 The Reign of Amaziah

26:1 The Reign of Uzziah

27:1 The Reign of Jotham

28:1 The Reign of Ahaz

29:1 The Reign of Hezekiah

30:1 Hezekiah Celebrates Passover

31:1 Hezekiah Organizes the Priesthood

32:1 Sennacherib’s Invasion of Judah

32:20 Yahweh’s Deliverance of Jerusalem

32:24 The Rest of Hezekiah’s Reign

33:1 The Reign of Manasseh

33:10 Manasseh’s Repentance

33:20 Amon’s Reign

34:1 The Reign of Josiah

34:8 The Scroll of the Law Discovered

35:1 Josiah Observes the Passover

35:20 The Death of Josiah

36:1 The Decline of Judah

36:17 The Destruction of Jerusalem

36:22 The Decree of Cyrus