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Index of sections for LEB PRO

Intro:0 PRO (Headers)

1:2 Prologue

1:8 Lecture Against Gang Behavior

1:20 The Call of Lady Wisdom

2:0b The Benefits of Wisdom

3:0b Wisdom and Piety

3:11 Happy Is the One Who Finds Wisdom

3:19 Role of Wisdom in Creation and Society

4:0b The Father’s Wisdom

4:10 The Right Path

4:20 Staying the Course

5:7 Do Not Commit Adultery Against Wisdom

6:0b Against Pledges

6:6 Against Sloth

6:12 Against Worthlessness

6:16 What Yahweh Hates

6:20 Commandment and Instruction as Guardians

6:27 Warning Against Relations with a Married Woman

7:0b Warning Against the Strange Woman

7:24 Reiteration of the Warning Against a Strange Woman

8:0b Wisdom Calls

8:22 Wisdom at Creation

8:32 Benefits of Following Wisdom

9:0b Wisdom’s Banquet

9:10 Foolishness’ Banquet

10:0b Proverbs of Solomon

11:0b Proverbs 11 (Start of chapter)

12:0b Proverbs 12 (Start of chapter)

13:0b Proverbs 13 (Start of chapter)

14:0b Proverbs 14 (Start of chapter)

15:0b Proverbs 15 (Start of chapter)

16:0b Proverbs 16 (Start of chapter)

17:0b Proverbs 17 (Start of chapter)

18:0b Proverbs 18 (Start of chapter)

19:0b Proverbs 19 (Start of chapter)

20:0b Proverbs 20 (Start of chapter)

21:0b Proverbs 21 (Start of chapter)

22:0b Proverbs 22 (Start of chapter)

22:17 Words of the Wise

25:2 More Proverbs of Solomon

26:0b Proverbs 26 (Start of chapter)

27:0b Proverbs 27 (Start of chapter)

28:0b Proverbs 28 (Start of chapter)

29:0b Proverbs 29 (Start of chapter)

30:0b The Oracle of Agur

31:0b The Oracle of King Lemuel

31:10 An Excellent Woman