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Index of sections for LEB PSA

Intro:0 PSA (Headers)

1:0b Psalms 1/The Ways of the Righteous and the Wicked

2:0b Psalms 2/The Messiah’s Reign

3:1 Psalms 3/A Call to Yahweh in Distress

4:1 Psalms 4/Safety in Yahweh

5:1 Psalms 5/A Prayer for Guidance and Protection

6:0b Psalms 6/An Appeal for Forgiveness and Deliverance

7:0b Psalms 7/Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies

8:1 Psalms 8/Yahweh’s Glory in Creation

9:1 Psalms 9/Praise for Yahweh’s Justice

10:0b Psalms 10/A Prayer for God to Throw down the Wicked

11:1 Psalms 11/Confidence in Yahweh’s Righteousness

12:1 Psalms 12/Human Faithlessness and God’s Faithfulness

13:1 Psalms 13/Trust in the Salvation of Yahweh

14:1 Psalms 14/The Folly of the Godless and God’s Final Triumph

15:1 Psalms 15/A Description of Those Who May Dwell with Yahweh

16:1 Psalms 16/Confidence in Yahweh

17:1 Psalms 17/Prayer for Vindication and Protection

18:0b Psalms 18/Praise to God for His Deliverance

19:1 Psalms 19/Yahweh’s Creation and Law

20:1 Psalms 20/God’s Blessing on the King

21:1 Psalms 21/Joy in the Salvation of Yahweh

22:1 Psalms 22/Suffering and Waiting for Deliverance

23:1 Psalms 23/Yahweh the Shepherd

24:1 Psalms 24/The King of Glory

25:1 Psalms 25/A Prayer for Guidance, Deliverance, and Forgiveness

26:1 Psalms 26/A Prayer for Vindication

27:1 Psalms 27/A Declaration of Trust

28:1 Psalms 28/A Prayer for Help, and Joy in Its Answer

29:1 Psalms 29/Praise to God for His Glory and Strength

30:1 Psalms 30/Thanksgiving for Answered Prayer

31:1 Psalms 31/Yahweh Is a Fortress

32:1 Psalms 32/Thanksgiving for Forgiveness of Sins

33:0b Psalms 33/Praise to Yahweh for His Character and Creation

34:0b Psalms 34/Thanksgiving for Yahweh’s Deliverance

35:1 Psalms 35/A Prayer for Rescue from Enemies

36:1 Psalms 36/Human Wickedness and God’s Love

37:1 Psalms 37/The Protection of the Righteous and the Destruction of the Wicked

38:1 Psalms 38/A Prayer of Repentance

39:1 Psalms 39/The Brevity of Human Life

40:1 Psalms 40/God’s Faithfulness and Deliverance

41:1 Psalms 41/Thanksgiving for God’s Provision in Time of Sickness

42:1 Psalms 42/Hope in God in the Midst of Despair

43:0b Psalms 43/A Prayer for Rescue

44:1 Psalms 44/Present Defeat and Past Deliverance

45:0b Psalms 45/Celebration of a Royal Wedding

46:0b Psalms 46/God Provides for and Protects His People

47:1 Psalms 47/God Is King over All the Earth

48:1 Psalms 48/The Greatness of God in Zion

49:1 Psalms 49/Wealth and the Fate of the Wicked

50:1 Psalms 50/An Oracle Concerning Sacrifices

51:0b Psalms 51/A Prayer of Repentance and Plea for Mercy

52:0b Psalms 52/God’s Judgment on the Wicked and Love for the Faithful

53:0b Psalms 53/The Folly of the Godless and Salvation for Israel

54:0b Psalms 54/Answered Prayer for Deliverance from Adversaries

55:0b Psalms 55/Betrayal of a Friend and Trust in God

56:0b Psalms 56/Prayer for Deliverance and Confidence in God

57:0b Psalms 57/Prayer for Rescue from Enemies

58:0b Psalms 58/Judgment on the Wicked

59:0b Psalms 59/A Prayer for Protection

60:0b Psalms 60/A Lament After a Defeat and a Prayer for Restoration

61:1 Psalms 61/Confidence in God’s Protection

62:0b Psalms 62/Confidence in God’s Salvation

63:1 Psalms 63/Longing for God

64:1 Psalms 64/A Plea for Divine Retribution

65:1 Psalms 65/Thanksgiving for God’s Provision

66:1 Psalms 66/Thanksgiving to God for His Works

67:1 Psalms 67/A Prayer of Blessing

68:1 Psalms 68/Praise to God for Providing Victory

69:1 Psalms 69/A Plea for Deliverance from Persecution

70:1 Psalms 70/A Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies

71:0b Psalms 71/A Prayer to God the Rock of Refuge

72:1 Psalms 72/A Prayer for the Prosperity of God’s Anointed King

73:1 Psalms 73/The Wicked and the Righteous Contrasted

74:1 Psalms 74/A Lament in Time of National Defeat

75:0b Psalms 75/Thanksgiving for God’s Future Help

76:0b Psalms 76/Praise to God for His Rescue of Israel

77:0b Psalms 77/Remembering God’s Help for Israel

78:1 Psalms 78/God’s Faithfulness in Israel’s History

79:1 Psalms 79/A Lament for Jerusalem after Its Destruction

80:0b Psalms 80/A Prayer to Restore Israel

81:1 Psalms 81/An Appeal from God to Israel

82:1 Psalms 82/God Commands Justice

83:1 Psalms 83/A Request to Act against Israel’s Neighbors

84:0b Psalms 84/The Joy of Worshiping in the Temple

85:1 Psalms 85/Hope in God’s Future Help

86:1 Psalms 86/A Prayer for Help against Ruthless Men

87:1 Psalms 87/Foreign Nations Come to Worship in Jerusalem

88:0b Psalms 88/A Prayer for Help in Despair

89:1 Psalms 89/Remembering the Covenant with David, and Sorrow for Lost Blessings

90:1 Psalms 90/God’s Eternity and Human Frailty

91:0b Psalms 91/God’s Protection in Times of Crisis

92:1 Psalms 92/Thanksgiving to Yahweh for Victory

93:0b Psalms 93/Yahweh Is King Over All the Earth

94:0b Psalms 94/A Prayer for Retribution against Oppressors

95:0b Psalms 95/A Call to Worship and Obey

96:0b Psalms 96/Yahweh the King Comes in Judgment

97:0b Psalms 97/Yahweh’s Glorious Reign

98:1 Psalms 98/Praise to Yahweh for His Salvation and Judgment

99:0b Psalms 99/Yahweh Is a Holy King

100:1 Psalms 100/Worship God with Joy

101:1 Psalms 101/A Promise to Act with Integrity

102:0b Psalms 102/A Plea for Personal and National Help

103:1 Psalms 103/Thanksgiving for Yahweh’s Compassion

104:0b Psalms 104/Praise to Yahweh for His Creation and Providence

105:0b Psalms 105/Praise to Yahweh for His Work on Behalf of Israel

106:0b Psalms 106/Praise to Yahweh for His Faithfulness in Israel’s History

107:0b Psalms 107/Thanksgiving to Yahweh for His of Deliverance

108:1 Psalms 108/Prayer to Yahweh for Victory over Enemies

109:1 Psalms 109/A Prayer for Help against Enemies

110:1 Psalms 110/Yahweh Gives Authority to His Messiah

111:0b Psalms 111/Praise to God for His Work and Commands

112:0b Psalms 112/The Path of the Righteous and the Path of the Wicked

113:0b Psalms 113/God’s Majesty and Care for the Needy

114:0b Psalms 114/Praise to God for His Works During the Exodus

115:0b Psalms 115/Dead Idols and the Living God

116:0b Psalms 116/Thanksgiving for God’s Deliverance

117:0b Psalms 117/Let All Peoples Praise Yahweh

118:0b Psalms 118/Praise to God for His Loyal Love

119:0b Psalms 119/Aleph

119:9 Beth

119:17 Gimel

119:25 Daleth

119:33 Heʼ

119:41 Waw

119:49 Zayin

119:57 Heth

119:65 Teth

119:73 Yod

119:81 Kaph

119:89 Lamed

119:97 Mem

119:105 Nun

119:113 Samek

119:121 ʽAyin

119:129 Pe

119:137 Tsade

119:145 Qoph

119:153 Resh

119:161 Sin/Shin

119:169 Taw

120:1 Psalms 120/Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies

121:1 Psalms 121/Trust in God’s Protection

122:1 Psalms 122/Jerusalem the Site of God’s Presence

123:1 Psalms 123/Prayer for Yahweh’s Action in the Face of Scorn

124:1 Psalms 124/Thanksgiving for Yahweh’s Help

125:1 Psalms 125/Confidence in Yahweh’s Protection

126:1 Psalms 126/A Prayer for Restoration

127:1 Psalms 127/A Prayer for Protection and Prosperity

128:1 Psalms 128/Blessed Is Everyone Who Fears Yahweh

129:1 Psalms 129/Victory Over the Enemies of Zion

130:1 Psalms 130/Hope for the Redemption of Yahweh

131:1 Psalms 131/Calm Trust in Yahweh

132:1 Psalms 132/Yahweh Dwells in Zion

133:1 Psalms 133/The People of God Dwell in Unity

134:1 Psalms 134/Praising Yahweh in the Temple at Night

135:0b Psalms 135/Praise to God for His Power and Redemption

136:0b Psalms 136/Praise to God for His Creation and Deliverance

137:0b Psalms 137/Lament During the Babylonian Exile

138:1 Psalms 138/Thanksgiving for Yahweh’s Goodness

139:1 Psalms 139/The Knowledge of God

140:1 Psalms 140/Prayer for Help in the Face of Enemies

141:1 Psalms 141/Prayer for God’s Help in Maintaining Integrity

142:0b Psalms 142/A Prayer for Deliverance from Pursuers

143:1 Psalms 143/A Prayer for Rescue from Enemies

144:1 Psalms 144/A Prayer for National Safety

145:1 Psalms 145/A Song of God’s Majesty and Love

146:0b Psalms 146/Praise to Yahweh for His Help

147:0b Psalms 147/Praise to Yahweh for His Providence

148:0b Psalms 148/Let All Creation Praise Yahweh

149:0b Psalms 149/Praise to God for His Future Judgment

150:0b Psalms 150/Let Everything Praise Yahweh