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Index of sections for LEB 1CH

Intro:0 CH1 (Headers)

1:1 From Adam to Abraham

2:1 The Genealogy of David

3:1 The Descendants of David

4:1 The Descendants of David

4:24 Descendants of Simeon

5:1 The Descendants of Reuben

5:11 The Descendants of Gad

5:23 The Half-Tribe of Manasseh

6:16 The Descendants of Levi

6:31 David’s Appointees for Music in the Temple

6:50 The Descendants of Aaron

7:1 The Descendants of Issachar

7:6 The Descendants of Benjamin

7:13 The Descendants of Naphtali

7:14 The Descendants of Manasseh

7:20 The Descendants of Ephraim

7:30 The Descendants of Asher

8:1 The Genealogy of Saul

9:1 The Genealogy of Returned Exiles

9:35 Saul’s Genealogy Repeated

10:1 The Death of Saul and His Sons

11:1 The Anointing of David as King

11:10 David’s Mighty Men

12:1 David and His Mighty Men at Ziklag

13:1 The Ark of the Covenant Brought from Kiriath-Jearim

14:1 David’s Wives and Children

14:8 David Defeats the Philistines

15:1 David’s Wives and Children

16:1 The Ark of the Covenant Placed in Its Tent

16:8 David’s Song of Thanks

16:37 Worship and the Ark

17:1 Yahweh’s Covenant with David

17:16 David’s Prayer

18:1 David’s Victory over His Enemies

18:14 David’s Administration

19:1 The Ammonites Humiliate David’s Messengers

20:1 The Capture of Rabbah

20:4 The Philistine Giants Slain

21:1 The Census of David

21:18 David Builds an Altar

22:2 David’s Preparations for Building the Temple

22:6 Solomon Charged with Building the Temple of Yahweh

23:1 David Organizes the Levites

24:1 David Organizes the Priests

25:1 David Organizes the Musicians

26:1 The Divisions of the Gatekeepers

26:20 Treasurers and Other Officials

27:1 Military Divisions

27:16 Leaders of the Tribes and Other High Ranking Officials

28:1 David’s Charge to Israel

28:9 David’s Charge to Solomon

29:1 Offerings for the Temple

29:21 Solomon’s Coronation

29:26 The Death of King David