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Index of sections for T4T 1CH

Intro:0 CH1 (Headers)

1:0 A list of genealogies

1:1 The descendants of Adam

1:5 The descendants of Japheth

1:8 The descendants of Ham

1:17 The descendants of Shem

1:28 The descendants of Abraham

1:34 The descendants of Esau

1:38 The descendants of Seir

1:43 The kings of Edom

2:1 The descendants of Jacob

2:3 The descendants of Judah

2:18 Descendants of Hezron

2:25 Jerahmeel’s descendants

2:42 Caleb’s descendants

3:1 The sons of King David

3:10 The kings of Judah

3:17 Other descendants of King David after the people of Judah were exiled

4:1 Other clans descended from Judah

4:24 Descendants of Simeon

5:1 The descendants of Reuben

5:11 The descendants of Gad

5:18 The armies of the tribes that lived east of the Jordan River

5:23 The eastern half of the tribe of Manasseh

6:1 The descendants of Levi

6:31 The temple musicians

6:54 Land for the descendants of Levi

7:1 The descendants of Issachar

7:6 The descendants of Benjamin

7:13 Naphtali’s sons

7:14 Manasseh’s descendants

7:20 Descendants of Ephraim

7:30 The descendants of Asher

8:1 Another list of descendants of Benjamin

9:1b The people in Jerusalem

9:35 The ancestors and descendants of King Saul

10:1 The death of King Saul

11:1 David became the king

11:4 David’s men captured Jerusalem

11:10 The list of David’s most mighty warriors

12:1 Some warriors joined David

12:23 Others joined David at Hebron

13:1 Bringing back the Sacred Chest

14:1 David’s palace and his family

14:8 David’s army defeated the army of Philistia

15:1 They brought the Sacred Chest to Jerusalem

16:7 David’s song of praise

16:37 Worship at Jerusalem and Gibeon

17:1 Yahweh’s promise to David

17:16 David’s prayer

18:1 David’s military victories

18:14 David’s officials

19:1 The battle against the Ammon people-group

20:1 David’s army captured the capital city of Ammon

20:4 Wars against the giants in Philistia

21:1 David commanded that the soldiers be counted

21:7 God punished the people of Israel

22:2 The preparations for the temple

23:1 The duties of the descendants of Levi

23:7 The descendants of Gershon

23:12 The descendants of Kohath

23:21 The descendants of Merari

24:1 The duties of the priests

24:20 The other descendants of Levi

25:1 The duties that David assigned to the musicians

26:1 The guards of the temple gates

26:20 Other work at the temple

27:1 Army commanders

27:16 The administrators of the twelve tribes

27:25 The king’s other officials

28:1 David’s instructions to Solomon for building the temple

29:1 Gifts for building the temple

29:10 David’s prayer

29:21 Solomon was crowned to become the king

29:26 The death of David