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OET by section MARK 13:28

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Watch out for the change in season

This is still a very early look into the unfinished text of the Open English Translation of the Bible. Please double-check the text in advance before using in public.

Readers’ Version

Literal Version 

13:28 Watch out for the change in season

(Mat. 24:32-35, Luke 21:29-33)

28So learn a lesson from fig trees—whenever the branches green up and start sprouting leaves and then everyone knows that summer is close. 29So too whenever you see all these things happening, you know that the end of this current world is close. 30I can assure you that the generation of people who see these things won’t die off before these latter things happen. 31The sky and the planet might collapse, but my teachings will never become irrelevant.

28And learn the parable of the fig_tree:
whenever the branch of_it may_become already tender, and may_be_sprouting_out the leaves, you_all_are_knowing that the summer is near.
29Thus also you_all, whenever you_all_may_see these things becoming, you_all_are_knowing that it_is near at doors.
30Truly, I_am_saying to_you_all that by_no_means the this generation may_ not _pass_away, until that all these things may_become.
31The heaven and the earth will_be_passing_away, but the the_messages of_me by_no_means will_ not _be_passing_away.

MARK 13:28–13:31 ©