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Intro:0 HEB (Headers)

1:0 Hebrews 1:1-3

1:1 God formerly communicated with us through the prophets, but now he has communicated with us through his son, who is just like God.

1:4 God’s son is greater than the angels.

2:1 We will not escape God’s punishment if we ignore such a great message of salvation.

2:5 God has determined that Christ, not angels or people, will rule everything.

2:9b Jesus, the creator of everything, is the one who died for us, makes us holy, and proclaims us to be his brothers and sisters.

2:14 It is Jesus, not angels, who became a human to help us as our Supreme Priest.

3:1 Our Supreme Priest, Jesus, deserves more honor than Moses does.

3:7 Do not stubbornly rebel against God as their Jewish ancestors did.

3:12 Beware that you do not stop trusting in Christ.

3:16 It was your ancestors, ones for whom God did great things, who rebelled against God.

4:1 The Israelites failed to enter the place where they would rest; we must be careful not to act like them.

4:6 The Scriptures support the claim that there is a time when God’s people will rest eternally.

4:11 We must be careful not to be insincere about trying to enter the place of eternal rest.

4:14 Let us come boldly to Christ, our Supreme Priest, to receive his gracious help.

5:1 As Christ suffered, he learned to be a compassionate Supreme Priest by obeying God.

5:11 You are not ready for more advanced spiritual truth.

6:1 If you believers later reject the message about Christ, God will reject you.

6:9 But God will not overlook all you have done for him.

6:13 We are confident that God will bless us as he promised; he made an oath to confirm that he would do that.

7:1 There are ways in which Melchizedek was like God’s Son.

7:4 Melchizedek was greater than Abraham.

7:11 The former Jewish priests were not adequate, so a new one like Melchizedek had to come.

7:20 Jesus lives eternally as a Supreme Priest to plead with God for us.

7:26 Jesus is the kind of Supreme Priest we need, because he was sinless.

8:1 The rituals that were performed by the Jewish high priests were only a model of what Jesus our high priest does in heaven.

8:7 The first covenant was not adequate, so God needed a new one.

9:1 A description of the man-made sanctuary that accompanied the first covenant.

9:6 Offerings that were made under the first covenant were not able to remove a sense of guilt for sin.

9:11 Christ redeemed us by offering his own blood as a sacrifice.

9:15 Christ has put the new covenant into effect with his own blood.

9:23 The Jewish priests kept offering the blood of animal sacrifices every year, but Christ sacrificed himself once to take away our guilt.

10:1 The blood of animals can never take away the guilt for sins.

10:5 Christ set us apart for God by offering his own body once as a sacrifice.

10:11 Scripture supports the claim that Christ made one sacrifice that will be adequate forever.

10:19 Let us come to God and let him make us pure and help us to keep believing his truth and do things that please him.

10:26 If we have known and then rejected the message about Christ, God will surely punish us.

10:32 Remember how you accepted persecution because of your faith in Christ, and do not be discouraged if you are persecuted now.

11:1 Because of our faith, we confidently expect to receive God’s promises.

11:4 Because of his faith, Abel offered a better sacrifice than his brother Cain did.

11:5 Because of their faith, God blessed Enoch, Noah, and Abraham.

11:13 All those people who trusted in God died without receiving what God promised.

11:17 It was because Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, the Israelite people, and Rahab trusted God that he blessed them.

11:32 Some who trusted God gained great victories and others were tortured and killed.

11:39 Only when we are together with all these people who trusted God will we receive all God has promised.

12:1 Since we know so many people with faith like that, we must put aside anything, especially sin, which hinders us, and we must strive to achieve God’s will and concentrate on Jesus.

12:3 Do not become discouraged when you are suffering as you struggle against evil.

12:7 Since our sufferings are to discipline us, if we have not experienced God’s discipline we are not his true children. We should accept God’s discipline, because it is always to help us.

12:12 Renew yourselves spiritually; go forward in your Christian life; try to live peacefully with everyone; seek to be holy; guard against bitterness; do not be immoral; and do not refuse to listen to God.

12:18 You have not experienced the terrifying things your ancestors did; you have come to Christ and benefited from his blood flowing for you.

12:25 We should be in awe before God, who will punish us if we reject him.

13:1 Love one another, be hospitable, and help imprisoned and other mistreated believers.

13:4 Respect the marriage relationship, and avoid covetousness.

13:7 Remember how your former spiritual leaders lived and imitate their faith; since Christ never changes, do not be diverted to strange teachings.

13:10 We must stop practicing Jewish sacrifices and rituals, and go to Jesus to be saved, since we do not have a city like Jerusalem where we must offer sacrifices, but instead we wait for a future everlasting heavenly city.

13:15 Since Christ sacrificed himself for us, let our continual praise of God be our sacrifice.

13:16 Continually do good deeds and share with others, because this too will be a sacrifice pleasing to God.

13:17 Obey your spiritual leaders.

13:18 Pray for me that God will quickly remove the things that hinder my coming to you.

13:20 May God equip you with everything good that you need, and may Christ be praised forever.

13:22 Patiently consider what I have written in this short exhortation.

13:23 Since Timothy has been released from prison, he will accompany me when I go to see you.

13:24 Greet your spiritual leaders and all other believers; the believers who are from Italy send you their greetings.

13:25 May God act graciously to you all.