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Index of sections for T4T JOS

Intro:0 JOS (Headers)

1:1 What Yahweh commanded Joshua

1:12 What Joshua commanded the eastern tribes

2:1 How Rahab helped the Israeli spies

3:1 The Israelis crossed the Jordan River

4:1 The Israeli people and Joshua set up memorials

5:2 The Israeli males were circumcised at Gilgal

5:13 The commander of Yahweh’s army appeared to Joshua.

6:1 The walls of Jericho collapsed and the Israelis captured the city.

7:1 The men of Ai defeated the Israelis

7:13 Achan was punished for his sin

8:1 The town of Ai is destroyed

8:24 A summary of the battle

8:30 Joshua repeated Yahweh’s agreement with the Israeli people

9:1 The Gibeonites tricked the Israelis

10:1 Joshua’s army defeated the descendants of Amor when God made the sun stand still

10:16 Joshua’s army defeated the armies of five kings

10:29 They conquered the southern cities

11:1 Joshua’s army captured towns in the north

12:1 The kings defeated by the Israelis

13:1 The areas that the Israelis had not yet captured

13:8 The land east of the Jordan River

14:1 The land west of the Jordan River

14:6 Land for Caleb

15:1 Land for the tribe of Judah

16:1 Land for the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh

18:1 The rest of the land was allotted

18:11 The land for the tribe of Benjamin

19:1 Land for the tribe of Simeon

19:10 Land for the tribe of Zebulun

19:17 Land for the tribe of Issachar

19:24 Land for the tribe of Asher

19:32 Land for the tribe of Naphtali

19:40 Land for the tribe of Dan

19:49 Land for Joshua

20:1 Cities of refuge

21:1 Towns for the Levites

22:1 The tribes east of the Jordan went home

23:1 Joshua’s final speech

24:1 Joshua encouraged the Israeli people to worship only Yahweh

24:29 Joshua died