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Index of sections for T4T 2KI

Intro:0 KI2 (Headers)

1:1 Elijah condemned King Ahaziah

2:1 Elijah is taken up to heaven

2:19 Elisha made the water pure

2:23 Elisha cursed boys who made fun of him

3:1 The war between Israel and Moab

4:1 Elisha helped a poor widow

4:8 Elisha caused the son of the woman from Shunem to become alive again

4:38 Elisha made some stew edible

4:42 Elisha multiplied food for the prophets

5:1 Naaman was healed of leprosy

5:20 Elisha cursed Gehazi for being greedy

6:1 The axe head floated

6:8 Elisha tricked the army of Syria

6:24 The army of Syria surrounded Samaria

7:3 The Syrian army became frightened and left

8:1 The widow from Shunem recovered her land

8:7 Elisha predicted the death of the king of Syria

8:16 King Jehoram of Judah

8:25 King Ahaziah of Judah

9:1 Jehu became the king of Israel

9:14 King Joram of Israel was killed

9:27 King Ahaziah of Judah was killed

9:30 Queen Jezebel was killed

10:1 Ahab’s descendants were murdered

10:18 The people who worshiped Baal were killed

10:32 Jehu died

11:1 Queen Athaliah of Judah

12:1 King Joash of Judah

13:1 King Jehoahaz of Israel

13:10 King Jehoash ruled Israel

13:14 Elisha died

13:22 War between Israel and Syria

14:1 King Amaziah of Judah

14:23 King Jeroboam #2 of Israel

15:1 King Uzziah of Judah

15:8 King Zechariah of Israel

15:13 King Shallum of Israel

15:17 King Menahem of Israel

15:23 King Pekahiah of Israel

15:27 King Pekah of Israel

15:32 King Jotham of Judah

16:1 King Ahaz of Judah

17:1 When Hoshea ruled Israel

17:7 The reason that the Israelis were defeated

17:24 Other groups settled in Israel

18:1 King Hezekiah started to rule Judah

18:13 The army of Assyria invaded Judah

18:16 Sennacherib threatened to destroy Jerusalem

19:1 Hezekiah consulted the prophet Isaiah

19:14 Hezekiah prayed

19:20 Isaiah predicted that the Assyrians would not conquer Jerusalem

20:1 Hezekiah’s sickness and his recovery

20:12 The messengers from the king of Babylonia

21:1 King Manasseh of Judah

21:19 King Amon of Judah

22:1 King Josiah of Judah

23:1 Josiah got rid of pagan worship

23:21 Josiah had them celebrate the Passover Festival

23:24 Other things that Josiah changed

23:28 The end of Josiah’s rule of Judah

23:31 King Joahaz of Judah

23:35 King Jehoiakim of Judah

24:8 Jehoiachin ruled Judah

24:18 Zedekiah ruled in Judah

24:20b Jerusalem was destroyed

25:22 Gedaliah was appointed governor in Judah

25:27 Jehoiachin was released