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Index of sections for T4T NUM

Intro:0 NUM (Headers)

1:1 The men of Israel were counted

2:1 Instructions for setting up the Israeli camp

3:1 The sons of Aaron

4:1 The work of the clans descended from Kohath

4:21 The work of the men descended from Gershon

4:29 The work of the men descended from Merari

4:34 Summary of the counting of the descendants of Levi

5:1 Expelling those who were ritually impure

5:5 Paying for committing crimes

5:11 Suspecting a wife of committing adultery

6:1 Rules about Nazir-men

6:22 The blessing for the people

7:1 The offerings brought to the Sacred Tent

8:1 Aaron set up the lampstand

8:5 Instructions for dedicating the descendants of Levi

9:1 They celebrated Passover again

9:15 A cloud covered the Sacred Tent

10:1 The silver trumpets

10:11 The Israelis traveled

11:1 Yahweh sent fire because the people complained

11:4 Seventy leaders were chosen to help Moses

12:1 Miriam and Aaron were jealous of Moses

13:1 Twelve Israeli men explored Canaan

13:26 The report about Canaan

14:1 The Israeli people continued to complain

14:26 Yahweh punished the Israelis

15:1 Instructions about offerings

15:22 When people sin unintentionally or deliberately

15:32 A man is punished for working on the Sabbath

15:37 Putting tassels on clothing

16:1 Several men rebelled against Moses

17:1 Aaron’s walking stick budded

18:1 The duties of the priests and Levites

18:8 The offerings for the priests and Levites

19:1 The ritual for removing the guilt of sin

20:1 Water flowed from a rock

20:14 The king of Edom refused to allow the Israelis to travel through his country

20:22 Aaron died

21:1 The Israelis defeated the Canaan people

21:4 The bronze snake

21:10 The Israelis traveled to Moab

21:21 The Israelis defeated kings Sihon and Og

22:1 King Balak summoned Balaam

22:21 Balaam’s donkey spoke to warn him

23:1 Balaam blessed the Israeli people

23:13 Balaam prophesied about the Israelis again

23:27 Balaam prophesied about the Israelis a third time

24:15 Balaam prophesied a fourth time

24:20 Balaam’s final prophecies

25:1 The Israelis worshiped Baal

26:1 The people were counted again

27:1 The request of the daughters of Zelophehad

27:12 Joshua was chosen to be the Israelis’ new leader

28:1 The daily offerings

28:9 The offerings on the Sabbath

28:11 The monthly offerings

28:16 The sacrifices during the Festivals of Passover and Unleavened Bread

28:26 The sacrifices during the Harvest Festival

29:1 The sacrifices for the Festival of Trumpets

29:7 The day of Atonement

29:12 The Festival of Shelters

30:1 Rules about special promises to Yahweh

31:1 The Israelis attacked the Midian people-group

31:25 Dividing the captured goods

32:1 The land east of the Jordan River

33:1 The Israelis’ journey from Egypt to Moab

34:1 The boundaries of the land of Canaan

35:1 The towns given to the Levites

35:6 The cities of safety

36:1 Land for Zelophehad’s daughters