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The parable about planting seed

This is still a very early look into the unfinished text of the Open English Translation of the Bible. Please double-check the text in advance before using in public.

Readers’ Version

Literal Version 

4:1 The parable about planting seed

(Mat. 13:1-9, Luke 8:4-8)

4[ref]Again Yeshua started teaching by the edge of the lake. A huge crowd gathered around him, but he had boarded the boat floating in the water, and all the people were there on the land. 2And he taught them many different things in parables, including this one: 3Listen. Once there was a farmer who went to spread some seed. 4As he spread it, some landed on the path, and the birds came and feed on it. 5Some landed on a rocky part without a lot of soil, and it quickly sprouted in the warm, shallow soil, 6but when the sun came up, it dried out because the roots weren’t deep, and so it just withered up. 7Some of the seed landed in a thistle patch, and the thistles grew and choked it out, so the plants never bore a crop. 8But some seed landed in fertile soil and it bore a harvest—some of it multiplying thirty times, some sixty, and some a hundred times.

9Then Yeshua added, “Anyone who wants to understand, let them consider it.

4And again he_began to_be_teaching beside the sea.
And a_ very_great _crowd is_being_gathered_together to him, so_that him having_boarded into the boat, to_be_sitting in the sea, and all the crowd were on the land to the sea.
2And he_was_teaching them many things in parables, and was_saying to_them in the teaching of_him, 3Be_hearing.
Behold, the one sowing came_out to_sow.
4And it_became at the time to_be_sowing, some indeed fell along the road, and the birds came and devoured it.
5And other fell on the rocky place and where it_was_ not _having much soil, and immediately sprang_up because_of the to_ not _be_having depth of_soil, 6and when the sun rose, it_was_scorched and because_of the depth to_be_having no root, it_was_withered.
7And other fell among the thorns, and the thorns went_up and choked it and it_ not _gave fruit.
8And others fell on the the good soil, and it_was_giving fruit, going_up and being_grown, and it_was_bearing in thirty, and in sixty, and in a_hundred.
9And he_was_saying:
Who is_having ears to_be_hearing, let_him_be_hearing.

MARK 4:1–4:9 ©