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Index of sections for T4T YUD

Intro:0 JDE (Headers)

1:0 Jude 1-2

1:1 I, Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James, write to you who are chosen, loved, and protected by God.

1:3 Proclaim the truth that we believe and strongly defend it against those who oppose it.

1:5 How God destroyed three groups illustrates that he will destroy these ungodly people in your midst.

1:9 Those teachers of false doctrine revile the spiritual beings that they do not understand. But God will destroy them.

1:11 Because the teachers of false doctrine do wicked things, God will condemn them to hell. They are dangerous, useless, spiritually dead, restless, shameless, and unreliable.

1:14 Enoch prophesied that the Lord will condemn people like the wicked teachers of false doctrine. They grumble, are discontent, and are arrogant flatterers.

1:17 The apostles predicted that wicked people like the teachers of false doctrine would come. They divide believers, live according to what they desire, and are devoid of God’s Spirit.

1:20 Believe the truth more firmly, pray by the power of the Spirit, and keep expecting God to be merciful.

1:22 Mercifully help those who are not certain what to believe, rescue those who are in danger of being influenced by the teachers of false doctrine, and pity those completely convinced by them.

1:24 God, who is able to keep you from being condemned for your sin and to present you guiltless before him, was great and ruled before time began, is still like that, and will remain so forever.